Do This Anymore

My first post here!!!^^
This are some of the lyrics from Do this anymore by Nickelback

"When am I gonna learn? Why? Cause I'm tired of hating
Well no I don't find faith in your forced feelings
Not fooled by your misleadings
Won't buy this line your selling
Tired of this lie your telling
I won't, I don't, no I won't do this anymore"

I used to find myself in situations that I couldn't escape. Like relationships and friendships that weren't real anymore. It was only the force of habbit, which now I see is like the worst think in the world. People can do a lot of things drived by the force of habit. I even got to the point to loose track of who I really am because of it. But I had a wake up call and decided that it wasn't worth it. Nothing was worth loosing myself over it. The only think I needed to do was be true to myself and whoever didn't like it...well let's just say that I got pretty good in giving up on people that didn't matter!