soooo hello first of all and ty for stoping by,and taking the time to read this XD so ok here we go :

Name :Isaura (its greek and it means gentle breeze-u read it izaura)call me IZA its more simple :P or Shiroi-chan XD
B.Day: 22.08.1988
and im LEO so yes---meow XD
Country: SLovenia (go to wikipedia and type slovenia if u dont know this country )
Hobbies : drawing,,watching anime,playing games,..
Talents: talking for hours(mwuhahahaha)...........^-^

long O.o

woa woa's been such a long time since the last time i was here D:
i mean since i posted anything here xD

well truth to be told...a lot happened in my life...not so positive as i thought but its finally getting better -__-
I'm now really busy with the university and with my problems that seemed never to end,but tnx god even that is kinda going to end.
I meet so many new people and i finally got to understand myself better,to see that i'm not so bad as other make me feel...i guess i finally really started to grow up (yes i know that im already old xD).But im grateful for the people i met..they changed me and showed me that I am loved <3

And i got a new flash...the pairing : Mukuro&Hibari from Katekyo Hitman Reborn *_* a friend totally obsessed me with it *sigh*
I gotta say anime/manga/Music are still my 'soul' savers no matter how old ill get,it will stay a part of me and get me through this sometimes hard reality xDD

I hope u are all doing good!wish u all the best and wanted to tell u all :love ja <3

---and ok im a OTAKU ETRNAL NOW!!mwuhahahahaha *doesnt even know what the hell does that mean-but it sounds pretty cool....and eternal xDD*

A bit of everything...and all..xD

omgsh...i think it was a while since i got so many comments,faves and hugs on my fan art xD
i think i should thank the "Featured Fandom" for putting my pic in xDD
And it was nice to get even some critique,because i honestly dont see my mistakes till someone points them out *shakes head* and then u go omg true how could i overlook that =O
And since it was a while since i psted here anything..i thought of stoping by and saying HIII to all my subscribers :DDDD
I hope u are all doing fine,i gotta admit i myself dont have such a nice time...but it will go up again (i hope).
And the other thing is...i have honestly no idea anymore what to draw...i mean...i have in my map like 10 unfinished pics...and i have no will or finish them *head meats desk* i started to lose my interest in some animes....cuz honestly is just not the same anymore....i dont need an ongoing anime that is now airing for 5 or more years and u are still on the same "knowing" it base like the first day u started to watch it *shakes head*.And hell lets not forget how they put in a meaningless plot....that twistes the whole "begining" chapter.....u go back read it...go back to the newest one...and all u can say is : w.t.f. O_O ?
All in all i hope ill find my so called inspiration to go on xDD

...falling into the black....

i love this band *is in love*

now the other part of my life :
my matura exams are coming near *they are so near i could taste them* so yeah like i said so damn scared,math will kill me.i wanna learn but its not possible,i have such a black out in my head.......i cant even think goes like this: i start to think about a problem that i have to solve ,lets say from math......and the only thing u see in my head is :2x(3y-59i) X.....and a Y.....and a I are in.....yeah.....xiy?...ixy?.....yxi?.......xemnas.......yazoo....i-..i-..iza?.....why are there actually letters in...----.....yep...its going insane *____*
i would just need a little time out from just cut off everything *sigh* but yeah....i dont have that luck.

and loooooool.........everywhere is EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i was looking like this when i saw it : O.o......and to be honest first i thought that i changed my pic on my own....just that i forgot it...xD but then it made click: I DONT LIKE THIS EDWARD!!!!!!*the actor* i dont know where the hell they picked him up *shivers* he looks like my neighbour*that is really psycho* kinda i see Ed every day......juhu.......*takes a cross..and a flashlight*he better not try to come near me...i know all the vampire secrets!....xD
btw....nice 1april is funny too....everything turned upside down xD

ps: the link for the skip beat video did not work cuz i put in a wrong link xD
ill fix that right now.....ty for ur understanding *bows down*


i hope u all had great holidays......i was....well....sick all the time -_-
i was all the time in bed *shakes head* its like a curse...its always that way...every freaking year =_=
but ok....i hope that this year brings something new,fun, and GOOD to all of us :D

I believe in angels,
the kind that heaven sends.
I'm surrounded by angels
but I call them my best friends.
Those who lend me their wings,
when i forget how to fly,
when i feel broken down.

And even if we are left
with only one wing at the end
maybe together,hand in hand
we can fly to the blue ,blue sky
embracing our shattered hearts
finally breaking free
from the world full of lies.

i was inspired to write this tnx to this song from Ayumi :

pic from OneWingedAngels

nuh nuh

so my superspecialawesome friends i hope ur doing well :D im a bit throat hurts a bit and my head...uh my head -its like someone is bombing on it -_-

to tell u the truth im not sure when ill draw something again.....i just cant find any time (i have to read over 30 books for school o.O ) and no inspiration for it......i feel like im a freaking zombie -_-

and i LOVE MY NEW DESKTOP WALLPAPER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the pic is from jiuge