soooo hello first of all and ty for stoping by,and taking the time to read this XD so ok here we go :

Name :Isaura (its greek and it means gentle breeze-u read it izaura)call me IZA its more simple :P or Shiroi-chan XD
B.Day: 22.08.1988
and im LEO so yes---meow XD
Country: SLovenia (go to wikipedia and type slovenia if u dont know this country )
Hobbies : drawing,,watching anime,playing games,..
Talents: talking for hours(mwuhahahaha)...........^-^

back back

i just wanted to let u know that i'm back
And that i had a lotto mucho grande funnnn *3*
I tell you people...there is nothing better then with ur beloved one to walk the whole day over shopping centers no matter the weather!!!!!
SO yes as i was just a really beautiful experiance for me,even if in the beggining there were a bit of problems with the train ._.' (first time that i went on one alone xD) ,but hei ...i freaking found my way to my hun (like smthing could stop me from that! )

And the first moment i saw this beautiful person....i have to brain got a black out...i didnt know what to say...what to to walk xDDD....jep i admitt...i was so nervous >.<!
But the first night was really niceeee...where we talked into the we were always together like this,like we saw eachoter everyday and this was just somthing we do
The days that came were unique and beautiful know when u get up every morning...make few steps and there is the person u love..sitting on the chair...and u just wanna hug and kiss them sensless?.....yep thats a freaky nice feeling,that you know that they are just a door away
And the musical in hamburg was so the the killer itell you....its amazing how they made the play...the music...everyting alltogether fitted.

I was is the first time that i feelt HOME....not like u have it here with your family and you think hei...its home.....but you just feel that yes...this is where you belong,with all that comes
It is definitlly one of the things that i will never forget....and i have to admit..the time just flew by....the 8days were like a blink of an eye...we still wanted to do a lot of things...but yeah....its not the last time i visit her thats for sure!!!!
I loved every moment we spent mwtter what we did...if we just made fun...talked...drank coffe...every minut..every second was just so important,lovely,beautiful,unique and not beeing able to be compared to anything else <3<3<3<3<3<3<3
And i really miss to hold her in my arms again *sigh* ˇ-ˇ

The way I feel for you
I can't describe

It's almost too intense
To verbalize

Essentially you're all
I'm living for
but basically each day
I need you more and more

Another poem-over the rainbow

I cryed 1liter of tears
but i still won't give in,
im sure one day these tears
will make a rainbow for u and me.
Just a little bit longer,
our tears will flow,
but no matter what,
there will be a hand to hold.

Walking over the lake of tears I cryed,
sometimes im affraid,
that i will drown in them,
and never again see my smile.
Still I want to treasure every moment I lived through,
I really don't wan't to say things such as
"I want to go back to how things were before".
I recognize how I am right now,
and I will continue to live on.

In the darkesst hour,
I wanted to say,
even then i feel like everything will be ok,
because I see you walking beside me in the rain.
In this moment I will be an egoist and say,
"please walk with me just a bit more on this way",
and stay by my side,
my beloved friend.

Maybe I didn't say it often enough,
how grateful I am to have your love.
You always knew ,
how to get me right back up.
Just on single word from your lips,
erased the tears that started to fall.

And if you are ever feeling,
like the life is running wrong,
never forget that,
I will always stand with you no matter what.
If we can beat the pain,
on the other side,
a rainbow of happiness,
awaits us where we can smile.

for someone special in my life :D


First of all....the reason why i wasnt so much here on is,,that my monitor went white....*i guess he went to heaven xD* so im back now and ready to roll :P

well as the tittle free again...that someone else.....thats all i can say...
we were together i guess for almost for a year....said that she now needs time to think what to do....cuz she had feelings for someone else now too.....and today i found out...that she is already with that person....that they are a couple xD
yes u can say...that it hurts like hell....the last peace of my heart that was able to love and care for someone so much that i was ready to do anything for now broken.
alli wanna say is.....that i wish her all the luck...and that she will be happy with that other bitch*i guess u can say that i dont like her xD*
we will still be friends and stuff.....everyone says that im a idiot for still staying at her side........but i cant help it....i guess if u love someone....u would only wish them the best...u should not stand in the way of their happynes .....even if u have to sacrifice ur own....and im ready to do that.
im kinda used to it that people throw me away after they got something new......i dont even feel anything.....i just felt like someone stabbed me into my heart 1000times....took the knife out.....pulled out my broken heart....throw it on the ground.....and spitted on it and kicked it into a big box full with salt.....closed the box and put it 1000feet under the earth so that it can feel pain for all eternity ^_^

But im still grateful that i was able to met love that person.....if someone would offer me the chance to never met her and to forget this pain....i would never accept it.....she is-was worth of this pain.....120%
And dont get me wrong shes a good person....unique...always ready to help...shes kinda like me xDDDDD :rofl: here im praising myself......hahahah xDDDD

u can say that i feel nice.....never better......and i guess...ill stop with the love....i hate it...and love hates me *spits on love*
and so that my life wouldnt be only that fucked up....a friend...that i protected from all the other people while they were pointing at her and laughing at her.....i risked everything for that human.....she told me that im a loser.....just like that.....isnt it nice.....i could cry from happyness...-______-

so yeah im free guys and girls......GET ME!!*yes im a problem with it??!!!....xDDDDDDDDD

ah and yeah i got my new pc *____* its beautiful!!!!

ah i love u all....take care :kissu:

Sky of love

i much at the end of this was so sad........and durin this MV i cried again.its such a beautiful story......if u wanna watch it go to youtube and write Sky of love movie,cuz there is a drama too .so u can watch both cuz both are just more than awesome............i watched the movie for 3 times ....and i still cant help it but to cry at the end.....

u wont feel sorry for watching it,if yes....sue me xDD


i hope u all had great holidays......i was....well....sick all the time -_-
i was all the time in bed *shakes head* its like a curse...its always that way...every freaking year =_=
but ok....i hope that this year brings something new,fun, and GOOD to all of us :D

I believe in angels,
the kind that heaven sends.
I'm surrounded by angels
but I call them my best friends.
Those who lend me their wings,
when i forget how to fly,
when i feel broken down.

And even if we are left
with only one wing at the end
maybe together,hand in hand
we can fly to the blue ,blue sky
embracing our shattered hearts
finally breaking free
from the world full of lies.

i was inspired to write this tnx to this song from Ayumi :

pic from OneWingedAngels