long O.o

woa woa woa....it's been such a long time since the last time i was here D:
i mean since i posted anything here xD

well truth to be told...a lot happened in my life...not so positive as i thought but its finally getting better -__-
I'm now really busy with the university and with my problems that seemed never to end,but tnx god even that is kinda going to end.
I meet so many new people and i finally got to understand myself better,to see that i'm not so bad as other make me feel...i guess i finally really started to grow up (yes i know that im already old xD).But im grateful for the people i met..they changed me and showed me that I am loved <3

And i got a new flash...the pairing : Mukuro&Hibari from Katekyo Hitman Reborn *_* a friend totally obsessed me with it *sigh*
I gotta say anime/manga/Music are still my 'soul' savers no matter how old ill get,it will stay a part of me and get me through this sometimes hard reality xDD

I hope u are all doing good!wish u all the best and wanted to tell u all :love ja <3

---and ok im a OTAKU ETRNAL NOW!!mwuhahahahaha *doesnt even know what the hell does that mean-but it sounds pretty cool....and eternal xDD*