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(Spoiler warning for those who have not read volumes 1-4)

Nearly a decade has passed since the leadership decapitation of both the Conflagrian Revolution and the Nurro-Ichthyothian Resistance. Without Red Leader Scarlet July and Ichthyothian Diving Fleet Commander Cease Lechatelierite, the northwestern hemisphere of Second Earth has fallen prey to endless war, oppression, poverty and isolation.

Heartbroken over the state of the world, the unfulfilled prophecy, the loss of his friends and the death of Scarlet and Cease’s unborn son, war veteran Nurtic Leavesleft retreats to civilian Nuria and resigns to living out his days in depressive monotony... until he unexpectedly comes across a peculiar child who strongly reminds him of the legendary comrades he lost, so long ago. Did covalent, iridescent Commence July Lechatelierite somehow survive Scarlet’s assassination and will Second Earth ever be the same because of it?


The six-novel Spectrum series follows an eclectic cast of young adults fighting to survive and find their place and purpose in the wars plaguing the dystopian, future world of Second Earth. From fantastical world-building, to combat sequences, to geopolitics, to the exploration of a soldier's psyche, to racial and social commentary, to the turmoil and confusion that comes with the teenage years, to forbidden romance, this sextet is a fast-paced, character-driven, sci-fi/fantasy adventure for the Divergent and Hunger Games generation.


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