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(Spoiler warning for those who have not read volumes 1-3)

The international and civil wars of Second Earth rage on. When the Fire Island's totalitarian regime begins reversing the damage to the Core Crystal recently inflicted by the late Ichthyothian Diving Fleet Commander Cease Lechatelierite, magekind falls under imminent threat of mental slavery. Desperate to rescue the northwestern hemisphere from endless violence before its too late for her people, Scarlet July rallies her Red warriors and her former Nordic comrades to spearhead a revolt against the Second Earth Order.

All the while, Scarlet is concealing a secret that cannot remain one for long — a secret that threatens her health, ability to fight and access to the spectrum. Pregnant with the first half-mage 'covalent' child in history, will she manage to liberate her people, protect the Nurro-Ichthyothian Alliance, overthrow the world government, preserve her own life and carry on Cease’s legacy?


The six-novel Spectrum series follows an eclectic cast of young adults fighting to survive and find their place and purpose in the wars plaguing the dystopian, future world of Second Earth. From fantastical world-building, to combat sequences, to geopolitics, to the exploration of a soldier's psyche, to racial and social commentary, to the turmoil and confusion that comes with the teenage years, to forbidden romance, this sextet is a fast-paced, character-driven, sci-fi/fantasy adventure for the Divergent and Hunger Games generation.


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