summer 2009

i just realized... this world is so plain... lol.. *will design it someday..* XD

just random pics from the activities i had while i was away from the internet for a week and so.. =x=

im selling a painting.. if anyone's interested in here, just ask.. XD

*acrylic on canvas 42x18*

^ july 29'09.. it's for a triptych project.. aah.. so tired to type more *the last thing im gonna do for today*.. just view the submission here..

External Image

*copy paste from the last attempt to post a blog* XD

july 20'09... she saw me drawing the snow white piece, tried my style and dedicated it for me..

External Image

she always say that.. heheh.. *definitely gonna remember* kyaah.. she's just so sweet.. i just love her.. *hugs*

july 25.. steinback.. swimming day... long drive to go to a pool... =,=" woke up early for that.. i wanted to sleep til afternoon... XD but swimming washed all the stress so good for me.. lol..

External Image

the usual long drive pics.. i also have the yellow fields and just plain clouds shots.. lol... really bored so pic pic.. XD unfortunately, we couldnt take pics in the pool.. *kj*

july something '09.. XD from DA.. but the glass was broken so i had it replaced.. and now i have a duplicate print.. <3

External Image

listening to :: hai ji de which means 'also remembered'..(?) found from danson tang's blog site.. lol.... *but he changed his music now* XD i've been interested about that music for quite some time now but i just cant read it and it was hard figuring it out on google research.. but i was able to understand it thanks to andy my loves from the next classroom.. XD he's chinese/taiwanese but he's into korean too.. glad i can relate with korean stuff.. always been a fan of kdrama and kpop--dbsk..! XD we had a nice talk *about music......* the day before my exam so i was kinda pumped to study more while listening to his suggested music.. and to make things even better for me, he said he'll give me a cd with the music he likes.. i was like 'no it's ok.. i can just download it'.. he mentioned the cd thing more than 3x so if he insists that much, then i'll be expecting a cd from him.. remembrance as well.. kyaah..~~! coincidently, i love listening to piano pieces too *especially with the violin* and just found out a really good one, his fave--kiss the rain by yiruma.. *all of yiruma's music are so good...* ilustration for that music will be coming soon too.. *inspiration + motivation* i'll be silently dedicating that for him.. lol..... unfortunately, i havent seen him for 4 days.. gaah... and to think we only have 2 weeks left for this summer... lol... he has a ring.. but he's not wearing it.. tsk.. *ring = gf..* XD </3 but while talking to him that day, there was nothing special... just a crush after all.. i was just excited to see someone who looks like a chinese celebrity in our campus.. <3 *fixed the heart* XD

*ok now, reirei off to finish a story board project*

Mugeno artbook with me....

yey.. my first ever published drawing is on this artbook sponsored by keiichi.. and it's on page 18... *hugs keiichi* although it was printed small compared to the full size print for the others, i admit it was partly my fault for not knowing the size of the artbook and said a random print size.. >x<" but i guess it's fine coz im not 100% satisfied with that drawing too and im the only one who submitted a black and white piece.. omg... i feel out of place.. really... XD but hopefully there's a next time and i know i can do a better piece by that time.. i'll make sure to announce it here too so u guys can participate.. *^^* i just found out about it less than a week before the deadline and it was during that time with the nyaf and other contests especially on DA *good vs evil* x.x anyway........

full view... XD

External Image

*details for the artbook and online orders can be found in the Mugeno book cover @*

haaaa...~~~~ so tired and my feet hurts from a lot of walking today..... im sorry i cant reply to ur messages in a quick pace.. im behind a week for the replies to my messages.. and ur comments are always greatly appreciated.. i've read them all.. and im really thankful for ur kind words.. *hugs*

*now back to the cramming for the project due just hours from now..* XD

Art Show - May 10, 2009

our school held it's annual art show.. it was my first yr in that art school.. within the school yr, we do anything we want to do.. it's a private art school.. the school provides us materials and even gives us 50% discount on art stuff.. *i just realized that yesterday* XD i'll try to buy copics next time with the discount..

anyway, there are lots of art stuff in the show.. paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc.. the only thing i contributed was my painting.. i thought i'd include it for my portfolio presentation but i have to have something for the art show.. XD (whatelse have i been doing at school for that whole school yr..? drawing... most of my posted works from september were done there.. lol..)

and so, here are some pictures we took from the venue..

luckily we made it in before they close.. XD

the ones i like most:

dragon sculpture.. so amazing..
pig sculpture.. lechon.. made me crave for some crispy lechon.. XD
the orangey painting with circles..
the building lights.. it's a 3-piece painting.. i want to try that too.. *^^*

and many more.. we couldnt stay long so it's just a few pics.. XD

close up faces

i just thought of compiling my potential avatars in the future.. lol...

feel free to use any if u like.. *^^*