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take care
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omg.. hi guys.. i think i missed a lot in here.. >x<" well i have no new artworks coz im busy at school taking fundamentals of drawing and math in art, in which we are basically encouraged to evaluate/see/do everything in "exact" *or perfect* measurements.. =,=" and now this pic looks a bit disappointing.. i know i can do better with procrastination.. lol.. *one of the rushed works coz i have a lot of deadlines to meet during that time between april and may..*

anyway, got the approval already so gonna post this now.. this was done around april this year for keiichi's artbook project which is coming out on sale next month.. *my bday gift for myself with the help of keiichi..*

Title of Artbook: Mugeno
Subtitle: First
Pages: 136 (this page count is for all the pages in the book, even if it's a blank page)
Total # of artwork: 111
Total artists: 85
Price: $20 USD
Shipping: TBD
ISBN: 978-1-61584-174-5

We are tentatively setting the date that we will start officially taking online orders for the artbook for July 24th.

Also want to let everyone know that we have a table in the artist alley in the animé convention Otakon (July 17-19th) taking place in Baltimore, where we will be promoting/selling the artbook. If you're attending Otakon, feel free to come by and say hi. ^___^ (If you're going to attend Otakon and would like to just pick up your copy of the artbook there in person (ie. rather than having it mailed to you), just let us know via email) :D

i was glad my entry got accepted but ugh.. tsk math measurments.. *psh.. whatever..!* XD the theme was first.. and as u can see, it's first aid.. safety first.. characters are my originals from my own manga, The Link, which is on hold at the moment..............

uhh so yeh.. alright.. my messages are bulky atm so i'll just reply as soon as i can.. *try try* thanks for viewing and pls support keiichi's artbook project.. im also excited to see the other works in the book.. *^^*

for more information about the artbook, please inquire to for more details..

done in mechanical pencil 0.7 + background in photoshop 7

lunch break.. listening to no one else comes close by joe.. *i love this song..!*

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art book, bandage, first aid, keiichi93, reirei18, safety first
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