Mugeno artbook with me....

yey.. my first ever published drawing is on this artbook sponsored by keiichi.. and it's on page 18... *hugs keiichi* although it was printed small compared to the full size print for the others, i admit it was partly my fault for not knowing the size of the artbook and said a random print size.. >x<" but i guess it's fine coz im not 100% satisfied with that drawing too and im the only one who submitted a black and white piece.. omg... i feel out of place.. really... XD but hopefully there's a next time and i know i can do a better piece by that time.. i'll make sure to announce it here too so u guys can participate.. *^^* i just found out about it less than a week before the deadline and it was during that time with the nyaf and other contests especially on DA *good vs evil* x.x anyway........

full view... XD

External Image

*details for the artbook and online orders can be found in the Mugeno book cover @*

haaaa...~~~~ so tired and my feet hurts from a lot of walking today..... im sorry i cant reply to ur messages in a quick pace.. im behind a week for the replies to my messages.. and ur comments are always greatly appreciated.. i've read them all.. and im really thankful for ur kind words.. *hugs*

*now back to the cramming for the project due just hours from now..* XD