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And welcome to my Worldie FULLED with OCs and my ideas. Due to OC Syndrome, according to my good friend KC, I can not stop making OCs in my head. I MUST put them down somewhere! I just couldn't keep them to myself. So I made this world so I can jot them down! Great idea, huh? lol! xD

Please do enjoy reading about my Original Characters! For, I have put too much thought into to let them go to waste. >:D

Original Characters:

  • Akito Yakahashi
  • Natsuko Yashaba/Namine Yamino
  • Ken Togashi
  • Allen Mercury

Magical Creatures OCs:

  • Nae Nelson (Vampire)
  • Ayame (Vampire)
  • Persphone Chevalier (Dark Elf/Vampire)
  • Len Yuumaki (Gray Wolf)
  • Kara Lindo (Gray Wolf)
  • Serenity (Arctic Wolf)
  • Silver (Tundra Wolf)
  • Maria (Mexican Wolf)
  • Afrikaisi (Egyptian Wolf)
  • Amisi (Egyptian Wolf)
  • Nakhti (Egyptian Wolf)
  • Paul Lenette (Northeastern Wolf)
  • Noah (Red Fox)
  • Natala (Tiger)
  • Andrea (Harpy)

Half Breded OCs:

  • Maki Inushino

Naruto OCs:

  • Yurikami (Yuri) Yoshida/Ichibi
  • Yuki Ichibi
  • Yumi Ichibi
  • Tsuki Ichibi
  • Naomi Uchiha
  • Ayame Hyuuga

Inuyasha OCs:

Pokemon OCs:

  • Jen Kelson (Trainer)
  • Meloline The Milktanks

Gijinka Ocs:

  • Estelle the Espeon (Pokemon)
  • Rickey the Raichu (Pokemon)
  • Nason the Ninetails (Pokemon)
  • Zaishi the Zangoose (Pokemon)

Bleach OCs:

Fruits Basket OCs:

  • Ayaka Miyazaki

Shugo Chara OCs:

  • Aino Shubasa

Kingdom Hearts OCs:

  • Kayo Aitsume

    Sonic OCs:

  • Jazz the Hedgehog
  • Mignight the Cat
  • Harmony the Bat

    Toyko Mew Mew OCs:

  • Mone Takihara/ Mew Frosting
  • Segi (Alien)
  • Sami (Alien)

    Di Gi Charat OCs:

    • Aiki

    Maburaho OCs:

    Chobits OCs:

    • Suzume

    Elfien Lied OCs

    • Elenore

    OC Info Format

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