Profile #2: Allen Mercury

Used In: Currently Nothing

Name: Allen Mercury

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Species: Human

Anime/Manga created for: Original Character

Height: 6'2

Weight: 168 pounds

Eye color: Icy Blue

Hair color: Black w/ Purple Streaks

Hair Length: Down to shoulders

Hair Style: Hair covering the left eye, Straight and slightly wavy, silky.

Skin tone: Pale

Scars: One on his wrist. He carved it. It says " One's Love " with a broken heart.

Piercings: Lip piercing, 3 ear piercings on each ear.

Tattoos: Wings on his upperback

Full Outfit (including accessories): Gray torn skinny jeans, A black T-shirt with a smiley on it (:'[), a red and black long-sleeve-hooded-shirt underneath. He sometimes wears the hood. He wears glasses (prescription) and a chain dangles with his jeans belt holes, Red and Black Studded belt and a black driver's glove on the right hand.

Likes: Reading books, playing with cats, cigarettes, movies, Hot Topic, writing poetry, sleeping

Dislikes: Smart asses, preppy loud girls, being called an "ass", Unhealthy foods

Hobbies: Reading Novels

Fears: Ghost

Weakness: Neck and ear being bitten (weak spots ! xD)

Goal in life: Live to become an Arthur or a poet

Family Tree:
-Mother: Tressa Campbell-Mercury
-Father: Alexander Mercury (deceased)
-Brother: Unknown

Personality: Allen is actually a very kind and gentle person, despite his appearance, it’s just his attitude towards certain things that got people fooled. He’s the type of person to tell you straight up how it is. If you got a boogie in you’re nose, he’ll tell you, not caring who’s around. He’s mostly quiet. He doesn’t really talk to strangers that much. If someone does try to actually talk to him, he would give that person a strange stare (strange yet sexy. :P) and if the person is not intimidated but the look then he would speak back. He is always seen with a book in his hand.

Personal background: All of Allen’s life, he never had a father. Alexander, his father, died when his wife Tressa was 5 months into pregnancy. Allen didn’t seem to care though. Since he never had a father, he was never taught how to treat a lady the right way and never give “The TALK” by a male figure but he was able to figure out how things are done the right way by himself. His mother is always working so he’s always home alone. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by his loneliness.

At high school, Allen is the silent, pretty faced one out of his group of friends; barely speaking unless addressed. Sometimes Allen does tend to speak on his own. He likes to judge people when they are acting rudely. The only rule he tend to break is smoking at school, though he only smoke on lunch breaks outside the school. His bisexuality doesn’t really bother his friends at all but him. He hates it when a person he sees no interest in tries to hit on him.

Special Thanks to Cheriblosomchibi For helping create him!