Profile #1: Hanaki (Hana) Shirimo

Used in: Currently used in my Fan-Fic Encounter.

Name: Hanaki (Goes by Hana) Shirimo

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Special Bloodline: Black Fox mixed with a little Dog Demon.

Country/Village: Kodeshiru Meadows

Eye color: Red

Hair color: Jet Black

Hair Length: Very long

Skin Tone: Peachy

Pointed Ears or Animal ears?: Pointed

Tail or No Tail?: Black Fluffy Tail

Tattoes or Scars?: Scars. A demon slashed her on the back, her leg, and her wrist. Bandages cover them.

Height: 5'4

Clothing: Light blue torn up kimono and bandages. In her hair, a big light blue blue with a red jewel holds her ponytail. She wears a red moon necklace that belonged to her mother and never takes it off.

Weapons & Accessories: She uses her fox demon power and a little of her dog demon power. She's very creative with building many weapons and things that might help her with defeating her enemies. (Thanks Dei-Chan ^^)

Relationships: None as of yet

Parents: Lord Kyoshiru Shirimo (Father), Mitress Ayame Shirimo (Mother) (( dead ))

Personality: Hanaki is caring but hot-headed. She's definetly not the type of Princess to sit there and wait for her Handsome Prince to save her. She's quite independent and does not like to treated as a helpless Human woman (because she's not even human). Competition is her favorite thing. Challenge her and she'll MAKE SURE she wins some way or the other. She's Playful as a puppy and have a great sense of humor. Very creative and respectful. Her manners is very acceptable since she was a princess, but she uses them whenever she chooses. Hana doesn't like to show her feelings as much. She doesn't cry in front of people, even though there is much to cry for.

Biography: Born a Princess, Hanaki had many responsiblity's. Too busy to play. Too busy to hang with demon her age. Too busy to even be busy. Well you could say that she's a runaway Princess running away from her duties. She's tired of all the work her clan gives her so she runs away to teach them that they should depend on themselves sometimes and mainly to see the world. After her mother died a mysterious death, it was work non-stop for Hanaki (her real name) at the age of 10. It was like she was the new Queen. The King's job was to find food for the village and to run the army for any wars. Even though he had more time on his hands, he did not help poor little Hanaki one bit with running the whole village. She was sick of it all. She even missed her own birthdays because she was a busy body, making sure everyone was taken care of other than herself. It was understandable for her at first, but then it became more and more unfair as the years flew by. Once she ran away, her journey on her own began. She wasn't aware of the dangers that were outside of her village but she wasn't worried at all because she was confident of her strength.

Other information: She is a black fox demon and the black fox demon tribe is relatives to shippos tribe. Of course, Hana is some what of a princess but her attitude doesn't show that fact. At first she can be rough around the edges but if she gets to know you better then you'll see how kind and gentle she is. Hana is more in touch with her K-9 side. At full moons, she would howl. She would beg like a dog. Her tail would wag when she is glad. She is very protective like a dog with it's owner. And at times she runs lik a dog. The red moon symbolizes her tribe. She loves to be free from her village yet she misses it.