What happens when you combine a passion for the arts spearheaded by the force that is Kingdom Hearts with a heart that is hard-boiled in pain breeding a thirst for vengeance? You get Kazama’s Keyblade!

I could best surmise that this world will host all of my musings into the void about my life and the varied experiences in it. Be they related to sadness or pain, happiness or joy, anticipation for future prospects or reflection on previous endeavors, they will be here for both you and me.

The Shonen Tale of Kazama's Keyblade

Quick Profile:
Name: KJ
Age: 25
Ethnicity: Black
Faith: United Methodist
Likes: This site. Anime/Manga. Movies. Video-games. Combat Sports. Rock/Heavy Metal. Crime dramas. Being humbly awesome and funny, although corny. Writing/Drawing stories.
Dislikes: Bullies. Idiots. Loudness. Being in dull or stale atmospheres. Horror Movies.
Good Qualities: Smart. Corny. Forgiving. Proud of moral compass. Determined. Witty. Eccentric. Creative.
Bad Qualities: Not very social. Family is discordant. Unintentionally standoffish. Impatient for certain things. Not musically inclined. Garrulous. Annoying to a fault.

Other Contact Info

Other Worlds:
Crunch the Chord (Music World)
Feats of Fandom (Analyzing my fandoms/things I like)

Obsessive about Kingdom Hearts
Taught myself how to jump-rope
Stans studio GAINAX & Trigger

Favorites & Resumes

My Anime Resume
My Current Watchlist
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Music: Rock. JRock. Future Funk. Heavy Metal. OST. Reggae. Electric/Dubstep.
Bands: The Pillows. Avenged Sevenfold (A7x). All American Rejects. Coldplay. Madeon.

~!My Best Friends On Here!~

Domine Kuro
Darling V/Spider Queen
toyotami kun
kita mikichi
Eiri Yuki s Lover
Team Plasma N
Larxy the Strange
Keba Si Rota
Blue Tea
Elemental Ninja
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Naomi Bear
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Life Is An Anime Major Update

So much has happened, but I have little time and energy to explain

Long story short, ya boy has graduated college and is moving onto the next phase!
I've got a few projects I want to do on here, but I've got to do it in-between adulting and getting on flights to do more adulting.

Here's what's coming up soon.
-FLCL Week 2021
-Update Post on LIAA
-Might start another FOF

C ya soon

Get Ready to Be Hit with a Nostaligia Bomb

Does anyone remember:

Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?

I'll just leave this right here for you.

Quick Story Time:
I was on my way to the dentist when lo and behold I got called up and put into isolation because apparently testing negative for the virus means it's a good idea to be put into isolation anyways...

While I was waiting for roughly 25% of my day to be put into isolation, I was scrolling through my insta and found a cartoon mashup and one of them was a picture of Robot Jones.

Instantly I had a blast back to being like 4 years old and watching this on Cartoon Network. For the next 2 hours I went down a rabbit hole of looking at old cartoons and now I wish I was a kid again.

Tech Issue?

It's been a while.

I haven't been drawing as much, but the few things I have drawn I haven't posted, and that's because I actually ended up having to delete CamScanner, the app that I used on my phone to help upload my work.

I do have a Google Drive app on my phone that I could use, but I haven't even attempted it yet.

But I have been doing some work. I've almost finished my FLCL Week project, or at least one third of it...that thing was LONG!

I hope to give y'all some content to enjoy in the near future--that is, if you like reading long-winded paragraphs...


Long Time, No See

So you may notice that this World looks different, and that's because I want to sort of reinvent myself on this site.

I have been trying to change my name from TheDarkEclipse to Kazama's Keyblade, but there have been some technical issues on that front.

Because of the current state of the world, I have been regulated to being home and being at school at the same time. For a while, doing online classes was okay, but later on it became tiresome and I just wanted to be done.

But alas, I am taking some more summer classes to hopefully make my Senior year a breeze, but since I just finished my finals, I'm going to try to get some things done on this site.

There are two FOFs I want to do hopefully this weekend or next, but I also need to hurry up and finish KH3 and start Persona 5 Royal.

Anyways, I'm still alive and kicking, hope to see y'all around.

Quick Anime Question

Random question, but there is so much more to come when I decide to stop being lazy.

Regarding the anime "A Certain Magical Index"/"A Certain Scientific Railgun"/"A Certain Scientific Accelerator"

Are all of these tied together?
By that I mean do I need to watch "Magical Index" in order to know pertinent information about "Scientific Railgun" and "Scientific Accelerator?"

Or are they all independent of each-other?

If the latter is the answer, which series is recommended?