The Shonen Tale of Kazama's Keyblade

It started off with a boy with a blessing, destined for greatness and holding an immense power that would shake the planet and have reverberations throughout this universe and the next. Born to shine a light against injustice, bringing balance and order to the world, and ending the cycle of hatred and lift the curse from my bloodline.

For years I struggled against forces beyond my control. Overcoming instability, violence, injustice, and bearing witness to a number of evils in the world that no person should know. At each turn the blazing light in my soul was challenged, always fought but never extinguished. Even while being molded by the anguish I never lost faith and kept a laser-focus on my goals.

Multiple enemies surrounded me with fangs bored and lust turned toward my soul. Some manifested as demons residing in the shapes of other people, and our conflicts were laced with blood, concrete, and steel. The greatest enemies came from within; spirits of doubt, fear, anger, and shame from the wrongs I inherited.

Several friends came and went; some were lost to the darkness, others walk beside me in the light. Each experienced only added to my strength, my drive, and my will to fight on. They each taught me more about myself and the world we both share. Some pushed me to my limits while others surged my heart into action to stand with them and even stand in front of them.

I entered a Society of warriors and intellectuals; sages who saw the fire within me, and nourished that light…Fed it with coal to increase its strength and shaped it with wind to vector the heat in the right direction. At each level I discover more about the depths of the universe contained within my mind and soul. It helps since the struggles, the clashes, the battles have still not ceased and only grow in complexity and intensity at each stage.
Now nearing my destiny after a series of ongoing trials and tribulations, the Complicated Wires of this life are beginning to unfold and reveal a rather alluring pattern.

Lessons Learned:
Never give up
Always learn
Never forget who you are

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