Long Time, No See

So you may notice that this World looks different, and that's because I want to sort of reinvent myself on this site.

I have been trying to change my name from TheDarkEclipse to Kazama's Keyblade, but there have been some technical issues on that front.

Because of the current state of the world, I have been regulated to being home and being at school at the same time. For a while, doing online classes was okay, but later on it became tiresome and I just wanted to be done.

But alas, I am taking some more summer classes to hopefully make my Senior year a breeze, but since I just finished my finals, I'm going to try to get some things done on this site.

There are two FOFs I want to do hopefully this weekend or next, but I also need to hurry up and finish KH3 and start Persona 5 Royal.

Anyways, I'm still alive and kicking, hope to see y'all around.