So just as the title says this is my world for my stories. I figured that it would be better if i just put all of them in one world that way I can add more of my stories on my profile. Also have another spot open so I can make a new world if I want to.

A Journey in Search of Something More
Here We Go Again-*Completed*-
A Little Secret -*Completed*-
Ribbons of Fate (ALS Sequel)
Is This Just Another Love Story -*Completed*-
Let It Roll
Just Believe -*Completed*-
Count Down
Believe Me

Coming Soon

A Little Secret

Title: A Little Secret Chapters: 65 (up on fictionpress) Word...

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Story Links

For those of you who know, I write a bunch of other stories other than just A Little Secret. And, I wanted to share that with you!! Here are the links to them on top of their summaries. I'm also goi...

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Side Stories

This is where I'm going to be placing the side stories for my other elementals. if I start working on more than just one at a time. I'll place links and let you know which story I update. A warning, there will be swearing in these stories and ther...

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Claws and Fangs

If anyone would like to read Pat and Delin's story. we have it up on tumblr!
Just so you know it is rated 18+ so rated M just a forewarning now considering we're in the beginning of the story it's going to get very mature later on.


Yes Even though I have made an RP world first it hasn't really gone anywhere and I really wanted to keep going with my characters so I've decided that i'm going to write a story with them. Don't worry this doesn't mean that they are going ...

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