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These are Stories that I may work on and put up on here and on If there is a certain story that catches your eye go ahead and leave a comment and I'll work on a chapter for it and see if people want me to continue the story. If anyone is wanting to write a story you are more then welcome to use my layout that I have here for working out the basics of a story.


Title:Distant Memories (name may change)
Category: Pokemon
Summary: Join Patrick as he takes a trip down memory lane after finding some of his old journals from when he was younger and get to know his past.
Genres: Action/Adventure/Humor/comedy

Title: Why Me? (WIP)
Category: Original
Summary:Riku Sanders was just your slightly smarter then average high school graduate. He wasn't big on playing sports, but he loved to run. He got into the school that he wanted to and was planning on joining the track team so he could get to know more people. Everything seemed to be going right for him, until the night that he got into an accident, then his whole world is changed forever.
Rating: T
Genres: Adventure/Friendship/Comedy/Action
Pairings: none

Title: It's Only An Illusion
Category: Original
Summary: Arron Zeph is a twenty year old who has been running from hunters since he was eight years old. Now one of his oldest friends is in the school that trains people to go after beings like him. Will he be able to get her out in time or will she be found out and killed before that happens?
Rating: T

Title: Ribbons of Fate
Category: Original
Summary: Join Sasuke and his friends in their new adventure to become stronger and figure out just how everything seems to be tied together in more ways than one. (Summary bound to change)
Rating: T
Genres: Action/ Adventure, Humor, Friendship
Pairings: none

: Only In Fantasies (WIP)
Category: Original
Summary: Rain Walker is just your slightly above average freshman starting her first year at college. Things were running smoothly until the night she got caught up in a huge rain storm. That's when things changed, being swept into a battle that she only thought could happen in her stories has pulled her into this strange world of demons with those who she thought were her characters as actually real. Can she balance her school work and appeasing the demons before her?
Rating: T probably 16+
Genres: supernatural/ humor/ romance/ friendship
Pairings: OCXOC

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