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For those of you who know, I write a bunch of other stories other than just A Little Secret. And, I wanted to share that with you!! Here are the links to them on top of their summaries. I'm also going to include A Little Secret's links here as well just to help a bit. I really hope that you'll go and read them. I write some of my stories with liveeverysecond!! All you have to do is click the name of the story you want to read and you'll be taken to the story!

A Little Secret
Summary: Elementals are considered just some old legend, a myth, some stories you tell your kids in today's day and age. But is that really the truth? Can Sasuke figure out what's going on with himself? And can Sean find where he actually belongs?
Chapters currently up: 61

The Journey
Summary: Let's put it simply, this assignment is going to be the death of me. HA, got ya didn't I? Na, it's not, but why not join me and I'll tell you a bit of my own story. -Nero Ulric
Nero's side story
Chapters currently up: 6

Summary: A phantom thief that's never been caught and a up and coming reporter trying to capture him. Just what will happen when the up and coming reporter do when she get's mixed up in this mess of the phantom thief's antics? And will she ever be able to get her best friend to believe her? And just what secrets are being hidden from the other?
Chapters currently up 9
Written with: liveeverysecond

Summary: Candice has always loved Otome games, but what happens when she is actually taken into her new otome game and gets to meet the characters for real.
Chapters currently: 35
Written with: liveeverysecond

Aphrodite High
Summary: Clary has been given a scholarship to go to this strange school called Aphrodite High that is by the end of town. When she gets there she finds out that it's not you average high school it's actually a school for the supernatural and mythical. But she doesn't understand why she's there, but now she needs to make new friends as she makes her way through this far from normal high school life.
Chapters currently: 5
Written with liveeverysecond

Summary: Vera, the girl who just moved into an old house isn't the biggest fan of moving and starting a new school. That is until she learns that their new house is haunted.
Chapters currently: 46
Written with: liveeverysecond