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The Rise and Fall of Prussia

So yo peeps, the awesome me found...well erm... the greatness I became-!!... oh skip to the part where I'm falling. I'm still awesome as today!! Kesesese

Prussia: Kicking ass up and down Europe since 1735

~The Awesome Prussia!

History learned XD
So that's what happened, its shock how Prussia was one of the top 5 great nations of power power *w*

==[Copy+Pasted from the ink]==
Prussia was one of the five modern great powers. The other great powers were Austria, France, Russia and the United Kingdom. Prussia is the only country of these which disappeared from the European map. The Prussian borders changed very often. In 1525 Prussia gained independence from the State of the Teutonic Order.

Prussia had a great influence on German and European history. Its rival was Austria, because Prussia and Austria both wanted to control the rest of Germany.

What exactly was Prussia? Where was it located? Why did it disappear? I hope you'll get an answer to that after watching my video. And if you already know those answers, you might still learn something new about Prussia.

Some traces of Prussia:

- the Iron Cross
- the Prussian mentality can be seen back in the present-day Germans
- the black and white colours in German national football team (black and white are colours of the Prussian flag)
- Borussia Dortmund (Borussia is the Latin name for Prussia )
- Prussian blue


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Prussia: There's no need to fear the awesome bad touch trio is here!!
Spain: = ┌ =)/
France: Ohohohohohoo~

pfffttt, lulz, these gifs are epic
*stolen from deviantart*