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The basic purpose of this world is to gather as many Hetalia fans out there on the Otaku in one world! We mainly roleplaying here with each member as one country. We also share pictures and other Hetalia related media. Please join us in conquering the world the international fun!

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China, and stuff.

Ni Hao, and sorry for my poor attendance. I make no promises to be better in the future. But as I missed my own birthday in October, this is for you guys...

[APH] World's End Dancehall

Ciao~ Japan and England already finished their duet for a vocaloid cover~
I'm feeling really awesome today... veveveve, I'm very generous to give you a video copy of their training.

veveve, I managed to make a copy of the music too~

psst... don't tell Japan and England about this (=7= )৩/

England's voice just made my day. lol


Hi guys long time no see~:) sorry for the inactivity, life has been really busy for me,it's crazy. but anyways I just wanted to share this Titanic parody I found Hetalia version~... I srsly teared up at some parts it was so... sad ;v; I hope you guys enjoy it! two of my fave couples are in the pardoy, GilbertxElixabeta and LilyxVash <333
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14
Part 15
Part 16
Part 17

~xXxShiaxXx aka Switzerland lol
I'll be rp-ing more frequently hopefully : )

April Fools Event 2011

April Fools event 2011 has already started at Kitayume.
check it out
more updates to come~
Thailand and female Nurse-dress England anyone? XD

LiveJournal is having translations for it too :D
it's gonna be awesome

France's Name Meme

I did a name meme for myself so check it out!

F: Loves people (Especially the beautiful people)
R: Has one of the best personalities ever (Of course!)
A: Easy to fall in love with (I don't need to explain)
N: Loved by everyone (I hope so~)
C: Good person (well, I don't think I'm a BAD person *wink*)
E: Can kick your ass (um..)

Everything matched well except the letter E... I don't win very much...
A: Easy to fall in love with
B: Amazing kisser
C: Good person
D: Has gorgeous eyes
E: Can kick your ass
F: Loves people
G: Loves to be loved
H: Fricken hott
I: Loves to laugh and smile
J: Is really sweet
K: Crazy
L: very good kisser
M: Is very sexual
N: Loved by everyone
O: Has a nice ass
P: Popular with all types of people
Q: A animal lover
R: Has one of the best personalities ever
S: Makes people laugh
T: Makes dating fun.
U: Has a Smile to die for
V: Freakin hott hardly ever unhappy
W: Very broad minded
X: Never let people tell you what to do
Y: Can be funny and dumb at the same time
Z: Hottttttt

Do one too, its fun!
Belletoile gave me the idea to make one for France