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Welcome to the Hetalia Family!

The basic purpose of this world is to gather as many Hetalia fans out there on the Otaku in one world! We mainly roleplaying here with each member as one country. We also share pictures and other Hetalia related media. Please join us in conquering the world the international fun!

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Hello and Happy Holidays! ^-^

Dia duit!I'm Ireland!My birthday is December 6th! . I like music (particularly Celtic music) and dancing and I am very creative. When I am bored, I have a tendency to start doing random things without any explanation (singing/humming random tunes that make no sense, scribbling weird doodles on paper, etc.). I usually come up with ideas spontaneously and don't need any inspiration to do so, although when I am inspired, my ideas can be quite strange (or so others say). And like my brother, England/Britain, I can also see mythical creatures. My friend is Techie, who is a handy little fairy who is good with technology (shocking for a fairy, right?).

I hope to be friends with everybody, so please be kind to me! <3

To everyone out there (even though this is a little late ^^;):
Ba mhaith liom tú Nollaig Shona agus Athbhliain faoi!
(I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!)

I'm really glad I was able to join the Hetalia group on theOtaku! Especially since I finally get to use Ceara, after working on her for so long. Her appearance will probably change a lot as I work with her, but it'll still be her. She actually has two little curls on the top of her head (not unlike the Italy's), although I'm not sure why I added that to her?

Merry Christmas~

Even though it's probably not Christmas yet in a lot of places (my home include), it's never to early to celebrate the holidays~!!

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Hope everyone has a great time and gets loads of presents!


Found this picture and thought it was adorable <3

Original image: Here