Hello and Happy Holidays! ^-^

Dia duit!I'm Ireland!My birthday is December 6th! . I like music (particularly Celtic music) and dancing and I am very creative. When I am bored, I have a tendency to start doing random things without any explanation (singing/humming random tunes that make no sense, scribbling weird doodles on paper, etc.). I usually come up with ideas spontaneously and don't need any inspiration to do so, although when I am inspired, my ideas can be quite strange (or so others say). And like my brother, England/Britain, I can also see mythical creatures. My friend is Techie, who is a handy little fairy who is good with technology (shocking for a fairy, right?).

I hope to be friends with everybody, so please be kind to me! <3

To everyone out there (even though this is a little late ^^;):
Ba mhaith liom tú Nollaig Shona agus Athbhliain faoi!
(I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!)

I'm really glad I was able to join the Hetalia group on theOtaku! Especially since I finally get to use Ceara, after working on her for so long. Her appearance will probably change a lot as I work with her, but it'll still be her. She actually has two little curls on the top of her head (not unlike the Italy's), although I'm not sure why I added that to her?