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What K-ON! Band Character Are You?

yeah that's right

Who Is YOUR Anime Boss?


What Type Of Humor Do You Have?

it figures!

What Is Your Ninja Rank?

Well this doesn't surprise me. I ROCK!!!

What Negima Girl Are You Most Like?

mkay... once i read or watch this sereies i'll know if this an insult. then it maybe payback time.

Who Is Your Shugo Sweetheart?

Heck Yes!!! Now that's my kind of guy!

What Element Fits You Best?

Yeah that sounds like me when I'm around people I don't like.

Who Is Your Ouran Host Date?

Once again, I'm a girl! I wanted a guy for the result!

Who Is Your Host Type?

Okay don't get me wrong but now I'm scared... how the heck did I get the evil demon lord?

Who Is Your Host Type?

that's not right! I know Haruhi is really a girl!

What Sailor Scout Are You?

I knew I'd get Serena! ^-^ ^_^ ^-^

What Naruto Girl Are You?


What Is Your Anime Eye Color?


What Shugo Chara Guardian Are You?

that sounds right.

What Role Do You Play In An Anime?

Why does this sound way too correct?

Hi there friend!

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