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    Welcome everyone! To the third music room!

    So this isn't the library?
    Hi ! *waves* I'm really excited to be here. :D
    I'm just looking around.
    Hello *giggle* Do you have any sweets?

    Ok then...If you can have any animal as a pet, which would it be and why?

    A cuddly bear! Because their soo cuddly. *duh*
    I love bunnies so I would choose a bunny. Nothing is cuter then a bunny. *nods*
    I don't really care much for animals and I don't like bunnies.
    That's easy, A Kangaroo! Because you get two kangaroos in one. *maybe*

    What do you fear in life?

    I don't fear anything...just thunderstorms.
    I fear not being able to see the beauty in life like bunnies and cake.
    I don't fear anything really. I think about my actions before I make them
    I hate being bored so I guess that's my fear.
    I fear a world where people can't be happy.

    What do you want in a man?


    How would he act like?

    My guy would be sweet all around and cute no matter what.
    He's the tall mute kind.
    He would be smooth and clever but when we are alone, he would show his nice side.
    He's caring and loving yet kinda slow.
    He would be fun and everyone would want to be close to him.
    He would be polite and smart so I can have a conversation with him. He should be a good listener.

    Ok, lets be honest here. Is money important?

    Duh, That's why you need to be smart and not lose it all!
    I don't care if I have money or not.
    I hate rich people.
    Can poor poeple buy cakes?
    Rich people have more fun. *brags*

    What would make you DISLIKE a guy?

    If he's dumb and can't take care of himself or me.
    If he's not rich, I don't want a commoner, they're soo common. *well duh*
    If he had a bad taste in food or if his not cute. Ewwww.
    If he's mean. ;_;
    I wouldn't like him if he didn't shut up. I hate people that can't understand that .
    Dull people. *don't look at me like that*

    What's your favorite color?

    THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS!! *no need to yell... sheesh*
    I like pink no yellow no green no red.....
    Black because it goes with everything.
    Red cause it's festive.

    Before I forget, what's your favorite snack?

    Imported coffee.
    Poor poeple coffee.
    Do you have to ask..CAKE!
    I like gourmet food but I can eat fast food too.
    ... pass. *how can you not have a favorite snack?*
    Whatever is on sale at the market.

    We are now at the end of our quiz and ready to see who would be your perfect host! Are you excited because I AM !!

    Yes! Lets get this party started!!!
    Show me my resuts I'm kind of "Important"
    Can you hurry please? I really should have gone to find the library.
    YAY *tears of joy* I wonder who I got?
    Yes and then me and him can go have cake and talk about bunnies! ^^
    Okay. *hey! You're suppose to be excited!*

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