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Who Is Your Fire Emblem Prince?

*drooling at tha mouth*

What Is Your Anime Hair Color?

yep! all is correct except for being a succus that is.

Yay! now this is more like it! ^_^

aww! why did i get the sub-zero creep?

What Type Of Twilight Fan Are You?

yep! that's me alright.

What Doctor Who Villain Are You?

okay... i just knew that was coming. but I would rather be the docter!

What School Rumble Character Are You?

somehow I knew I'd get him... but the thing is I am a girl.

What Tsubasa Main Character Are You?

Somehow I just knew I would get this... is cool though!

What Get Backers Character Are You?

wahh! I wanted to be Banchan!

What Vampire Knight Character Are You?

I got Kaname!!!!

What Death Note Character Are You?

somehow i knew that was coming.

What Legendary Pokemon Are You?

well it figures as much.

What Female FMA Character Are You?

0-0 wow! wasn't expecting that...

What Shinigami Are You?


What Soul Eater Are You?

you have got to be kidding me!

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