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    You stop by the store to stock up on groceries...whaddja get?

    Delicious chocolate. A whole freakin' crate, if I could.
    Huh? I never buy the groceries.
    Food?...oh, right...I guess I forgot. I went to get this sweet new game that just came out .
    I'm already stocked up here...no need to get any more than I need.
    Some potato chips....ha..bwa ha ahhah ah ha >:D
    Only fat-free, low cal food for me.
    I actually prefer restaurants...but mostly high quality, gourmet foods.
    Whatever food that will sustain me...God wouldn't want me to be picky when there are so many starving people in the world.

    What clothes do you like to wear?

    Sweaters and collar type shirts.
    "punk", I guess.
    Gothic lolita
    Meh. I don't really care. Whatever feels comfortable is all right with me.
    Clean and pressed. I need to keep myself presentable.
    I normally stay indoors a lot, so I just stay in my pajamas all day.
    Elegant and fashionable.
    Dark, tight-fitting clothes...and I do like me some leather.

    Your friends...

    Friends? I have more important things to worry about..
    GOD.... D:
    I think they're my friends...
    I have a ton of them ! XD I guess you can say that I'm kinda popular.
    I guess you could call him my "friend". He's pretty dependable.
    I like to think of them as "acquaintances"
    Kinda bossy, But I can live with it...
    I don't need any...I'm just fine by myself.

    You normally like to hang out at:

    I like to stay home. I have nothing important do anywhere else, anyway.
    Mostly in cool bulidings.
    The mall! DUH! XD
    In public, Where there are lots of people around to get plenty of attention.
    Dark, secluded places.
    In my room.
    Extravagantly elegant places.
    As long as I'm away from people, I don't care.

    So...what are your hobbies? :3

    Building models and putting together puzzles...I like a good challenge.
    Video games. Life isn't worth living without them.
    I don't have any.
    Reading manga
    Blogging and just plain being on the Internet :3
    Working hard to get ahead.

    You are totally obsessed with:

    My wonderful, perfect boyfriend.
    GOD!!! D:
    Doing my very best to be absolutely perfect.
    Video games and pretty much everything electronic.
    Making the world better.
    Being #1 at everything!
    A person...

    You're in the park, minding your business, I guess...and you suddenly see some punk snatch a lady's purse...you:

    Run after him to get her purse back...or not, depends if I feel like it.
    Think to myself that he's a perfect example of the people that don't deserve to be alive if he won't be a productive member of society.
    Nothing. There's nothing I can do about it..
    Sprint myself over there and beat the living crap outta him! He made me drop my chocolate bar! D:
    Hey! That's a pretty cute purse! :D
    Wish with all your heart that... GOD SMITES HIM GOOD!! >:(
    ...at least she has her health >.>
    It wasn't a very good-looking purse anyway.

    Do you consider yourself a leader or a follower?

    I'm a good decision maker...."Leader" I suppose.
    I don't care... so long as I don't have to do anything difficult,"follower" is all right by me.
    Hell, yeah, I'm a leader! I wouldn't have it any other way!
    Important people are leaders.
    I like to follow my boyfriend around a lot X3
    Does it really matter?
    I'm destined to be a great leader.

    And it wouldn't be a quiz without this question :D...What's your favorite color?

    You can't be serious...
    I don't have a favorite color...
    What a stupid, clich� question to ask! ...freakin' conformist...>:(
    Is "GOD" a color? :0
    Just plain black.. wait. is that a color?
    Autumn colors
    I honestly believe that you don' t really care. o.o

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