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    What is your favorite color out of the following?


    You and your friends are at a snow sculpture competition, what is the best way you can help your friends win?

    Easy! I can sculpt almost anything!
    I cheer them on and sculpt the easy parts.
    I can't sculpt at all...but at least I can get them some snacks!

    After shopping for an hour, you realize the other two guardian charas are missing. How are you feeling?

    HOW AM I FEELING!!?!? I'm freaking out!!
    *cries* I miss them!! I hope they are okay! :(
    *thinks* Hmmm...I think I know a few places where they may be. We'll find them eventually. We must not give up.

    It's a lazy Sunday afternoon and Amu-chan is STILL sleeping. What do you do to keep you from dying of boredom?

    I draw some pictures or read a magazine.
    I clean up the house or go shopping.
    I play a sport outside or I pull pranks on her...hehehe.

    Suddenly, you get captured! Someone put a seal on your egg and you cannot get out...How do you react to this?

    NOOOOOOO! AMU-CHAN! *weeps*
    *sigh* I hope we get out of this mess...
    Amu-chan will save us!! Right? ....

    Out of the following qualities, what would your friends most likely say you have?

    Hyper, outgoing, and I can make people laugh.
    A bit quiet at times, but smart and kind.
    Funny, clumsy, and I can always cheer someone up.

    Pick an adjective that you like the best.


    At the bus station, you see a "Lost and Found" box. When you go up to it, you feel like taking the...

    Pack of new colored pencils.
    A bouncy ball.
    A set of fancy hair ties.

    What is your favorite kind of gum?


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