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Gifts SmallxLady: Happy birthday Kairi ^^ Darkarax: Happy birthday!  :) Kaerlyn: I hope you have a beautiful birthday :3 ItachiSasuke: Good luck for another year!<3 ItachiSasuke: Happy birthday sweetie! <3 Love ya! SmallxLady: Happy birthday! Here's a banana -w- Rainbow Dragon: Happeh birthday to you! Panda 4 u~<3 raeossom29: Keep up the great work! kita mikichi: Congrats on your promotion! ItachiSasuke: And so are you love! <3 xoxoxoxo ItachiSasuke: Random flowers, because they're awesome! ItachiSasuke: It's known to bring good luck~ ^O^ ItachiSasuke: Take a sip of my secret potion! <3 :D ItachiSasuke: Maybe you have enough for a bouquet? :) ItachiSasuke: I like flowers and clover too~ ^O^ ItachiSasuke: OMG, you need flowers, then here you go! ItachiSasuke: Love you lots, and welcome back! ^O^ ItachiSasuke: I'm so happy to have you as a bestie<3 ItachiSasuke: Thank you for the lovely dedications!<3 ItachiSasuke: Kairi, uou need more hearts! <3 hugs ^°^ ItachiSasuke: You need more <3's!! ^O^ : me LIFE! :D <3 : When I'm back activie! :3 Yo cards give : You make amazing art, I'mma catch up : Wish you all the best~ *huge hugs* : Continue kicking ass! Taking names! :D : Hope you're doing well, best wishes 2 u~ : Wish there was a coffee gift. T^T : *hugs* I love you too sis~ :) : You're fine on the late birthday wishes~ Kurihara Akane: Happy Belated Birthday Sweetheart <33 Hisaishi: Happy Birthday! Kaerlyn: I hope your birthday was a happy one! ItachiSasuke: Thanks for being super duper amazing<3 ItachiSasuke: I hope you had an amazing day~! ItachiSasuke: Happy birthday sweetie! <3 : a sweet one~ *hugs* : Happy Birthday sis~ I hope you're having 21Emmz12: Happy Birthday!! ItachiSasuke: OMG KAIRI! <3 I MISSED YOU! HUGS ;0; : hear from you!!!!! *huge hugs* : You're still my sis~ Sooooooo happy to : *HUGE GLOMPS & HUGGLES* HIIIII!!!!!!!! ItachiSasuke: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year's! :D kita mikichi: Congrats on Your Promotion! ItachiSasuke: Random gift! Have an awesome day! :D ItachiSasuke: Just because I miss you & ur art!! <3 kahoko66: great e-card:) enkichan: happy birthday !! ItachiSasuke: Happy birthday kairi!<3 Best wishes! Larxy The Strange: Happy Birthday! DuArMittAllt: Happy birthday!! Have a great one!! :D SmallxLady: Happy Birthday Kairi ^^ Hanaro Souhi: Happy Birthday!> w < *hugs* Viollet: Happy Valentine's Day, Kairi-chan!! ItachiSasuke: Be mine! Happy Valentine's<3     ^O^ ItachiSasuke: You are amazing in every way<3 Love You! : We need a coffee gift. T.T Love ya sis. : May 2014 be filled with joy & growth. <3 : *huge hugs* T.T Thank you~ *hugs again* Kurihara Akane: Happy new year :D I love you <333 Kurihara Akane: I miss you :3 ItachiSasuke: Merry Christmas Kairi<3 *hugs* Love you! Pennguin: Happy Thanks giving! : Hope you survived your exams~ *hugs* Kurihara Akane: wish you lots of love and happiness :D Hanaro Souhi: Thank you,Kairi-chan!^ w ^ Love you!~ : Thank you for the greeting~ ^_^ Kurihara Akane: Happy Halloween ^o^/ ItachiSasuke: Happy Halloween to you Kairi~!<3 xAsukachanx: Happy holy evening x3 : happy halloween! SweeTea: Happy Halloween, Kairi-chan!! Viollet: Happy Halloween, Kairi-chan. ^w^ xAsukachanx: and the card too ~(^.^~) xAsukachanx: and the gifts (>^_^)>* xAsukachanx: Thankuuu for the b'day wishes :3 ElementalNinja: Thank You For Everything <3 ItachiSasuke: Your love is the best! Thank you *hugs* yamcha03: Need that Potassium. :) Pennguin: <3333 Pennguin: <3333 Pennguin: <3333 Pennguin: <3333 Pennguin: lol Pennguin: im having fun Pennguin: i love you ;a; Pennguin: i love you ;a; Pennguin: have a nice day!! Pennguin: have a nice day!! Pennguin: :DDDd Pennguin: :DDDd Pennguin: :DDDd Pennguin: :DDDd Pennguin: :DDDd Pennguin: :DDDd Pennguin: :DDDd : I look forward to keeping in touch. :) : I hope you have wonderful days. :) : I have more gifts left so... *hugs* <3 : You're flippin' epic! Never forget that. Pennguin: WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE IM SO ANGRY Pennguin: attack on fucking pengu omfg Pennguin: i have 23 gifts left lol Pennguin: and pencil Pennguin: and pencil Pennguin: ARMINS BOOk Pennguin: MIcookies Pennguin: chERENs Pennguin: strawlevi flavor Pennguin: u know it Pennguin: 。���。 Pennguin: prepare yourself ;o; JanetChan: Have a beautiful day today love! <33 ItachiSasuke: You're such an amazing person!<3 ^__^ : ^O^/ Hanaro Souhi: I wish a wonderful August for you!*hugs* BabyD: Love & Wishes 2 you 2! miss ya Teru-chan : May your days have love & blessings. <3 : Aww thanks girlie, *huge hugs* xAsukachanx: ehe thanku Kairi~chan (>^o^)> GardnerSerena: You're welcome. And thanks for the gift. : >w< : Thank you~ :3 : Cute Icon~ <3 >w< Viollet: Kairi-chaaaaan!! I'm back ^____^ ItachiSasuke: Thank you for the lovely dedication!<3 Kurihara Akane: for my super duper sweet alice chan :3 Kurihara Akane: a cake for a sweet girl :3 : Aww thank you so much Sui. :) *huggles* SmallxLady: Thanks for the sub ^^ kita mikichi: Congrats on Your Promotion! Viollet: Kairi-chan got promoted!! Congrats (^_^) ItachiSasuke: Congrats on your promotion Kairi<3 Valerie014: Congratulations on the promotion! ^^ ItachiSasuke: Because you're an AWESOME friend<3 :) mixkewl69: <3 xAsukachanx: Hehe~ motto motto desu x3 xAsukachanx: And 'coz I'm happy you sent me one xD xAsukachanx: And because sending gifts is fun :3 xAsukachanx: Because you are so sweeet (。・�・。)�� Felcie: Because I love you too!! <333 Valerie014: Belated happy birthday! Best wishes! :) Viollet: Birthday gift for Kairi-chan!! >__< Vongolax6204: Happy birthday TwinkLes: Happy Birthday <33 Angel Zakuro: Happy birthday, KJ. :3 Moka: felix dies natalis!!! Happy Birthday!!! Haitaka: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! ^^ SmallxLady: Happy birthday! =^-^= Hifsa: Happy Birthday to you!! :) xAsukachanx: Hope you have a great day (^^)/ xAsukachanx: Haaappy Buddaaaay Kairi~chaaaaan :3 Kami-chan.x3: Happy Birthday dear Kairi!!~ <333 nimbusoak: Happy birthday! Hanaro Souhi: Happy Birthday!XD *hugs* Have a nice day GummiKidd: Happy Birthday!! :3 Vanilla Cupcake : ~H~A~P~P~Y~ ~B~I~R~T~H~D~A~Y~!~ NoirAngel: Happy Birthday! ^__^ NoirAngel: You're welcome and thanks for the gift. GummiKidd: Thank you! :) Viollet: You are my very best friend *hugs* ItachiSasuke: You're so sweet<3 Love you lots ^___^ ItachiSasuke: Sending you some good ol' Otaku <3! ^O^ Valerie014: Congratulations on the promotion! ^^ ItachiSasuke: Congrats on your promotion Kairi!! :D kita mikichi: Congrats on Your Promotion! Blue Latte: Congrats on the promotion! Hanachan 123: you welcome xAsukachanx: Domo domo Kairi~chan (>^.^)> Viollet: What's your favorite gift, Kairi-chan? ItachiSasuke: Wishing you peace, joy & <3 this Easter ItachiSasuke: Im going to make you a surprise gift! >D ItachiSasuke: I love you so much! You're so sweet!<3 GummiKidd: No problem :3 btw I like your eCards ^^ SweeTea: You're always welcome, bestie!! :D Kami-chan.x3: Happy Saint Patrick's Day!! :D *huggles* Kami-chan.x3: Thank you!~ *huggles* ^///v///^ Kami-chan.x3: 'Cuz I love you!~ ItachiSasuke: You're lacking in <3's! ^__^ <3 you! Ultiotaku: Arigatou 4 the help,wont be the last tho LGA775: Thank you so much 4 the sign and sub^^ Vanilla Cupcake : Have a cake! Kami-chan.x3: Thanks for everything :) Viollet: D: Don't say sorry, Kairi-chan T^T ItachiSasuke: Just because you're awesomely sweet =D Katana95: Happy Cupcake! BabyD: You're so sweet >3< Hanaro Souhi: Happy Valentine's Day! I love you too!<3 Felcie: Happy Valentine's Day! <3 you! ;) Viollet: Love your more! Happy Valentine's Day! : Luv you too!~ :3 xAsukachanx: Happy Valentine's Day too (^.^)/ TwinkLes: Happy Valentine's to you as well <33 BabyD: Happy Valentine's Day! >3< ItachiSasuke: Happy Valentine's Day! <3 U Lot's! =D Viollet: Kairi-chaaan!! I love you! *hugs* ・�・ ItachiSasuke: Thank you for the lovely dedication!<3 ShiningHime: Thankyou for the sub + For the good work Kaerlyn: You make lovely eCards ^^ ItachiSasuke: Thank you for the sub~~ ^__^
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