Angel Zakuro birds flyin' high.

It's been a while since my last challenge, but here we go again! Thanks very much to those that enter. <3

The theme for this is pretty simple! Birds! XD I loves me my birdies, yes I do. :) So it's really...well...easy to explain this challenge lol. Make a card that has a bird in it! Yup, that's it. It can be an anime/manga/illustrated bird or a real one from photos [heck, you can use some of mine I've taken if you credit me!]...there can be one or multiple birds...and the bird doesn't necessarily have to be the main focus of the card (so a character in it could be), but as long as there is a feathered friend, then that works! :)

  • Limit for entries is 3 per person.
  • Please please please LINK to your resources!! Mostly scan/photo you used! If you don't provide it, I will most likely ask for it if I think to. I like things well-documented, and I'm always curious about the before and after of the image used. XD
  • Make your cards quality! Please take some good time on it! Don't just whip out a plain photo with some crappy text on it. THANK YOU.
  • Depending on my mood, there may or may not be prizes. Just have fun! Lol.

Good luck~ Just ask if you have any questions!

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