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Gifts Snowzi: Late Birthday Cookie! DemonsandAngels: Happy belated birthday! Darkarax: Happy birthday!  :) Kazamas-Keyblade: To your blue coloured life. DemonsandAngels: Happy birthday! Hope it's wonderful!! Darkarax: Happy birthday!  :) HotRamen2Go009: Happy Birthday!!! :D chihiroyin: Very belated Happy Birthday! Kazamas-Keyblade: Happy Birthday to ya! nikkeh09: Happy Birthday Girl!! DemonsandAngels: Happy birthday! Hope it's wonderful!! Darkarax: Happy birthday!  :) Snowzi: Happy Birthday! ^_^ Snowzi: Just because :3 mootouman: Merry Christmas Hifsama!!<3 nikkeh09: Just sharing a gift for a friend(: (: (: LGA775: Merry Christmas my dear friend^^ XXOX LGA775: Thank u 4 all ur continuous support^^ Snowzi: You're back! XD Snowzi: I missed you too :3 Aryia: Hugs hugs hugs! nikkeh09: Thanks for entering my challenge ^^ chihiroyin: belated happy b-day !!! :) aurora witch: Happy-belated-bday Hifsa chan <3 thatbirdfan: Happy Birthday!!! Snowzi: Happy Birthday! ^_^ yummy suika: happy bdaaayyyyy~*~*~*~*~*~ Kazamas-Keyblade: It's her birthday Kazamas-Keyblade: Hope Hifsa likes roses! SongBird33: Have a great birthday! Rainbow Dragon: HappyB-dayDear:Pandabear 4 u *hugs* nikkeh09: happy birthday!!!!! nikkeh09: Your an awesome friend ^^ Darkarax: Happy birthday!  :) yuko9kost: Happy Birthday!^_^ Snowzi: Thank you! :3 nikkeh09: happy valentine's day ^^ Kazamas-Keyblade: I be on my Suit&Tie shit, tie shit, idk LGA775: Have a new year wish come true potion^^ thatbirdfan: Here is a gift! :D nikkeh09: Merry Christmas ItachiSasuke: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year's! :D elricbrothersfan: Thanks! Merry Christmas to you too! :3 Kazamas-Keyblade: Wishing You a Merry Christmas Soulanime14: MeRrY cHrIsTmAs!! : Merry Christmas darling :D SongBird33: Merry Christmas! JanetChan: Happy holidays beautiful :) Snowzi: Happy Halloween! nikkeh09: Happy Halloween! ForeverOtaku: Hell yeah! XD KagamineRin4eva: thanks! elricbrothersfan: Thank you for the gift! yummy suika: yooOOOOOoooo we gon rocK IT!! xD Thiefspawn: Yay! Let's rock ^^ kita mikichi: Congrats on Your Promotion! ItachiSasuke: Random gift! Have an awesome day! :D Snowzi: Villains challenge 2nd place! You rock! SongBird33: Have a nice day! ^^ nikkeh09: Happy Eid Day as well! Kazamas-Keyblade: Happy (belated, sorry) Eid al Fitr Darkarax: Beautifully Tragic: 3rd Place apple pai: arigato for the gift! ^__^ : re:make challenge 2nd place winner : Thank you for the sub <3 Keba Si Rota: 3rd Place! nikkeh09: Just a gift to say your awesome ^^ nikkeh09: Thanks for entering my challenge ^^ Chuniel: Arigatou Guzaimasu! XD nikkeh09: Just saying Hi! ^^ hatakeotaku69: happy Easter to you too Hifsa-dono JohnPhillip: Thank you and Happy Easter xDDD : Happy Easter my friend!!!! :D :D :D SweeTea: Happy Easter to you too, Hifsa-chan! <33 chihiroyin: Happy Easter :) NinjaBluez: Thanks! Happy Easter!~ Snowzi: Happy Easter! � : Happy Easter~!!! ^^ ItachiSasuke: Happy Easter! :D SongBird33: Happy Easter! nimbusoak: Thank you!! : I'm so sorry.... Amestar: Happy B-lated Birthday dear! nikkeh09: a little good luck! aurora witch: Happy-reeeeally-belated b.day :P apple pai: Happy Belated Birthday from me dear :) ForeverOtaku: ...couldn't be on theO yesterday ForeverOtaku: Happy B-Day!! Sorry this is late OTL... tethysal: happy birthday! SweeTea: Happy Birthday Hifsa-chan! <33 : Happy birthday! I'll make you a gift :) Rainbow Dragon: Happy birthday Hi-chan~<3 *huggles* Soulanime14: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hackerblackrose: Happy Birthday � ItachiSasuke: Happy birthday Hifsa!<3 Best wishes!! kitabug69: Happy Birthday my friend... (: morningmusicheart: happy b-day! :) yummy suika: HOMG HAPPY BDAY YAYYY o/ Darkarax: Happy birthday!  :) Aryia: Happy birthday dear!! <3 <3 : Happy Birthday~!!!! ^^ lindtey99: Happy Birthday! enkichan: happy birthday !! nikkeh09: Happy Happy Birthday!!! Kazamas-Keyblade: A thousand "Happy Birthday"s to you! krisoyka: Happy Birthday! ^^ DemonsandAngels: Happy birthday Hope you have a great day chihiroyin: Happy Biiiiiirthdaaaay !!! <3 chihiroyin: Happy Birthday x3 Snowzi: Happy Birthday!! :D Haru96: happy birthday ^^ Darkarax: 3rd Place Alter Ego Challenge nikkeh09: YOUR NUMBER ONE!! (: ForeverOtaku: Happy Valentine's Day to you too! Bleachic: Happy Valentine's Day sweety :) : happy valentine's day Zuzu Uchiha: Happy San Valentino (Valentines Day) pandaman08: Happy Valentine's Day to you too! : Happy Valentine's sweetie!! :D <3 DoubleOtaku: happy valentines day!! nikkeh09: Happy Valentine's Day !! AriaFlosh: Happy Valentine's day to you too<3 ItachiSasuke: Be mine! Happy Valentine's<3 chihiroyin: Happy Valentine's day, too � Yukkiteru: Happy Valentines Day. HotRamen2Go009: Happy Valentine's Day to you too! aka yuki: Happy Valentine's day XxArrancarFanxX: Happy Valentine's Day! : Thanks for entering my contest! Kazamas-Keyblade: Good luck with College!!! Kazamas-Keyblade: Thank You For All Of Your Help!! MangaKid: Happy New Year to u too, my friend!! <3 Kazamas-Keyblade: Thanks for everything, now, b4 and later Enigmatic Turk: Happy New Year! *hug* Soulanime14: Happy New Year with a ton of love <3 : Happy New Year my dear:D With happiness! apple pai: Happy New Year to you <3 AriaFlosh: Happy new year :3 chihiroyin: Arigato :)) wish u also a Happy New Year Aryia: Happy new year! :3 OoAnBuOo: Happy new year with lots of luck! C: Blue Latte: Happy New Year! =D Kazamas-Keyblade: For your thoughts on mine thx for readin Valerie014: Merry Christmas! <33 SongBird33: Merry Christmas! nikkeh09: Merry Early Christmas!!! ^^ hatakeotaku69: X-mas is coming!!! RAMEN FOR YOU!!! JohnPhillip: Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year!!! Kurihara Akane: Thank you for the subscribe :D DoubleOtaku: *huggles* because i can :3 Kazamas-Keyblade: Happy Thanksgiving anyways!!! Snowzi: Much love and take care of yourself! ^_^ Kazamas-Keyblade: Happy Thanksgiving and stay strong! Aryia: Thanks for joining 30 day comment slam<3 Kazamas-Keyblade: Always here to help; and thanks! DoubleOtaku: just cuz i want to :3 Kazamas-Keyblade: For your appreciation and gift Enigmatic Turk: Thanks! I hope you're doing well! : ) Kazamas-Keyblade: Did I do something? lol Kazamas-Keyblade: Thank-You XxArrancarFanxX: Random Gift! *hug* :D Kazamas-Keyblade: Thanks for joining; and for your art blk artistcilla: Happy Belated Halloween! DoubleOtaku: Congrats on geting into that university! yuko9kost: Happy Halloween!>.< KuRcK: Happy Halloween! ^_^ nikkeh09: CONGRATS!!!!!! on the university!! mystic midnight: Happy Halloween! Blue Latte: Happy Halloweeeennn!! <3 nikkeh09: happy halloween DoubleOtaku: happy halloween! Soulanime14: Happy Halloween!!!!!! mangaandanimelove: Happy Halloween! Rainbow Dragon: Happy Halloween Hi-chan~*huggles* :D ForeverOtaku: Thank you! AriaFlosh: Happy halloween !!!!!!(^_^) Aryia: Happy halloween to you too! :D : Happy Halloween to you too!!! : happy halloween! ItachiSasuke: Happy Halloween to you too~!<3 Snowzi: Happy Halloween! ^_^ chihiroyin: Happy Halloween :) HotRamen2Go009: Happy Halloween! :) XxArrancarFanxX: Happy Halloween! :) SweeTea: Happy Halloween, Hifsa-chan! hatakeotaku69: Happy Halloween!!! JohnPhillip: HAPPY HALLOWEEN ^^ Kazamas-Keyblade: Get better.  Don't be so jelly! Valerie014: Congratulations on the promotion! ^^ Aryia: Many hugs for you! Take care :3 yummy suika: poke-y 8DD HotRamen2Go009: Congrats on the promotion :D Rainbow Dragon: thank u4 being a sweet friend~*huggles* kita mikichi: Congrats on Your Promotion! nikkeh09: YAY we got promoted Snowzi: For always commenting on my wallies <3 chihiroyin: you're too kind <3 BnZ: Thank You for the great card BnZ: ( ´ � ` )� BnZ: ^_^ BnZ: Congratulations ForeverOtaku: Thank you ^^ *Huggles* : Thanks for entering my challenge! DoubleOtaku: just cuz your awesome ^^ Enigmatic Turk: Happy Belated Anniversary! :D Enigmatic Turk: I hope you feel better soon! : ) Enigmatic Turk: Thank you so much! :D nimbusoak: Thanks for entering my challenge! Haru96: thanks for the fav (^^) : Thanks for the hug :) Thiefspawn: thanks for the post :D Thiefspawn: Happy Eid SweeTea: Eid Mubarak to you too! :) yummy suika: be happy today! ForeverOtaku: Eid Mubarak to you too! :) Kazamas-Keyblade: Thanks!  WHat is Eid? : happy eid!!  :) luicifers wife: thanks for Entering Purple! ItachiSasuke: Thank you for the lovely dedication!<3 Thiefspawn: lol thanks for the 3rd post ^^ Thiefspawn: Thanks for the 1st post =) pandaman08: Thanks for the sub!! :D xAsukachanx: Thank you for the sub (>^-^)> XxArrancarFanxX: For a good friend <3 Sarasface: You're welcome! :D Sarasface: Random, have a nice day! : Thanks for entering my contest! tethysal: thanks for the sub ! XxArrancarFanxX: Thanks for entering my challenge! :) GreenHairAlien: You Welcome ^^ <3 GreenHairAlien: Thanks for comment on my wallpaper XxArrancarFanxX: Thanks for the support friend <3 luicifers wife: Thankyou for entering Old School! Valerie014: Congratulations on the promotion! ^^ Neko Nana Mode: BANANA!!!!!!! Darkarax: Thanks for the advice :) LGA775: Any time^^..And ur fantastical as well Vanilla Cupcake : You got my riddle right~! allycat2090: Thansk for the sub! HotRamen2Go009: Happy Easter as well :) Vanilla Cupcake : Happy easter! ItachiSasuke: Thanks for the sub & Happy Easter! =D KairiJun: Thank you for subscribing to me ^_^. thelostsindar: Thanks for subscribing! ^-^ Ultiotaku: Thanx for the sub Mazoku Knight: Dear subscriber. Here's a gift~  (=v=) xianlee: thanx, keep dem awesome drawings comin! cherrygirl373able: thanks for the sub! enjoy the cookie!! : Thanks for the sub :D Darkarax: 200th Subscriber :)
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