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Wow, it has been quite some time since good old TDE has issues a challenge, hasn't it?

Ahem, so this one is a Fan Art challenge, but I'll have to politely excuse the "Fan" element of this and I want you guys to get personal for once.
Not too personal of course, I'm not a creep.

I would like you to take whatever tools you have at your disposal and creat something that represents your overall outlook on things. It can be a portrait, a background of sorts, a colorful symbol, an object, a color, what have you. I just want to see through your eyes for once.

Topics include but are not limited to:
. How you see yourself in the world
. How you think the world sees you
. How you look at life and what it is
. How you look at death and what it is
. Your best friend
. Your worst enemy
. Someone/Something you like
. A place you'd like to be
. A memory or event that you treasure
. A memory or event that you wish you hadn't remembered/experienced

And if you have any more ingenious ideas please put them in the comment box.

- A maximum of 3 entries per person, please
- Please put the topic of what you've drawn in the description box of your artwork and a brief description (if you'd like)
- Do not have to dedicate it to me
- Needless to say, keep it PG-13
- Colors are not mandatory
- Have fun!
- You have 2 months

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