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Welcome one and all! ^_^

This is my first time creating a challenge and my first move since being promoted (yatta!) so go easy on me here. Now, for anyone that knows me here I have a slight obsession for men in suits, I just cant say no to a fine looking man in a fine looking suit! And now that I have been promoted you can bet your ass that Im gonna create a challenge and that the theme is going to be SUITS! :D

Basically I want you all to create a wallie for me that features characters in suits, male or female characters Im really not that fussy providing they look good. Thats really my only condition! Also Im more than happy if you have a male in a suit and female in a formal dress.

Rules - to keep the admins happy:
1. You MUST provide links on everything you used to make your masterpiece. Give credit where credit is due yo.
2. Limit of 2 entries for a challenge that spans 2 months.
3. Follow the rules of TheO I dont want any trouble here.
4. Just because Im curious as to how many people actually read all these instructions I want you to add 'suits' as a tag on your wallie and dedicate it to me!
5. Most importantly - have fun guys :)

Prizes - Ding ding ding yay!!!
lst place - I will make you a purdie wallie just for you of whatever your heart desires.
2nd place - Ill send out gifts! Yay everyone likes gifts!
3rd place - Ill sign your Guestbook and call you awesome names.
Everyone else gets a flashy medal because TheO is awesome like that :D

If there are any questions PM me and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can, Im quite the workaholic so I can only make it to TheO once a day.

I invited pretty much everyone I know but of course everyone is free to enter, in fact I encourage it, the more suits the better!



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