LoveInChains a Bit of Nostalgia

Hey all! It's Your Loving Momma back with another challenge! This time I want you to experience a little blast from the past!

"But, Momma, what does that mean?"

I'm glad you asked! I want you to take something from one of your first card; whether it be the scan itself, the saying you used, or the name of the card, and make a whole new card! We're bringing back the old, guys. And I know some of you have been here for a long time so it'd be nice to look back to see where your graphic adventure all began!

Here's an example: KEEP GOING - 8/30/13 | KEEP GOING - 8/7/12
Another example: crosshairs. - 9/4/13 | target - 7/30/12

Alright, time to get serious with the rules.

Cue music.

  • Credit credit credit! I've noticed lately that people are regularly shirking their obligations as a graphic artist and not linking their stuff. I want you to link all of it. And by all I mean all. I want textures, I want brushes, I want to know what fonts you used (these you don't have to link just write in the description what the name of the font is), I want you to link your scans, if you used lyrics from a song I want a youtube link, if you quoted a book then at least mention the bloody thing (same goes for movies and TV shows), if the saying on the card is something your mum used to say when you were a kid then I want you to credit your mother. She gave birth to you so acknowledge her wisdom!
  • TAG. Yes, I said it, tag. I'm not talking "blue dress", "black hair", "shorts", "School uniform", no. Sure you can do that if you want but here's what I mean: you are going to put the artist, the source, and the characters involved in your tags. People have been shirking on this as well and it hurts my eyes to see little to absolutely NO tagging. And yes, there are some people here who don't tag anything. TAG THAT SHIT.
  • Of course I want you to link the original card you're taking the "nostalgia" from. I'd like to see how far each of you have come!
  • I'm not really concerned with quality if you put your best effort into it. But quality is always nice.
  • Please refrain from using zerochan or anything other than Minitokyo or Animepaper.
  • Keep it PG to PG-13, if you will.
  • Yaoi and Yuri allowed.
  • Give me a description! Talk to me! Tell me about your process! I'd love to hear it!
  • Unlimited Entries because I love you people.
  • Since it's extra important I'm putting it here twice: CREDIT.
  • Dedicate it to me if you don't plan on dedicating it to anyone else. I pay attention to my challenges but I'm very lazy and I forget to do so sometimes ^___^;
  • Have some bloomin' fun with it! These are our roots here, guys! Even if you used to make crap cards they brought you to this point, didn't they? Your cards love you for the effort you put into them and they love seeing your gorgeous faces when they're all done!
  • I know my rules seem harsh but don't even worry about that until you're all done with your masterpiece.
  • And one last thing: this challenge is open to everyone! But I don't know how much fun it'll be for people who haven't been here that long...

Onto the prizes! A.K.A., our favourite part. I'm only awarding a first and a second place unless I get a lot of entries and I think that one more winner should be included.

First Place shall receive...
Two eCards, one iPhone/iPad wallpaper, and a batch 20 icons (if you do not have an iPhone/iPad let me know and I'll switch it to a regular ol' wallie).

Second Place shall receive...
Two eCards and a batch of 15 icons.

Special Mentions will more than likely happen so here's what a "special mention" shall receive: Either a wallpaper, an iPhone/iPad wallpaper, or an eCard PLUS 5 icons. So you get one of the three mediums I upload regularly AND the icons.

Now you have two months, let the challenge commence!

xoxo, Momma Love


Any questions? Message me or comment below!

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