Quiz Results AnimeGal816

What Negima Girl Are You Most Like?

i'm slow thinking, but i[m smart actually. :3

What Deltora Quest Character Are You?

isn't he the main character??

What Ceres girl are you?

i can't read the font! DX

What Harvest Moon Girl Are You?

didn't i get this last time? but yes, i am a bookworm. :33

What Popular Voice Actor Quote Request Are You?

thats sad

What Shugo Chara Guardian Are You?

miki is my second fav guardian character. :3 top fave is Ikuto's guardian. ^^

What Anime Season Are You?

the only season i don't really like is winter but i love ice skating!!

What RPG Class Best Fits You?

sounds pretty good. :3

Where Do You Fit In Portal?

WTF is this???? DX

What Harvest Moon Girl Are You?

yup! i do wanna be a nurse! but for babies. :3

What Legendary Pokemon Are You?

Eh! ........... i forget. XD

Who Is Your Shugo Sweetheart?

:3~ yummy.

Who Is YOUR Anime Boss?

XD i actually know who this is!

What Type Of Twilight Fan Are You?

yay!!!! XD

Which Mew Mew Are You Most Like?

well, wouldn't say i fall in love easly. and i'm not that clueless anymore. :3

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