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    First off, which of the following sentences resonates with you the most?

    "The premiere of the new fee was considered loony by everyone who now felt they had to stand on guard for it."
    "Yesterday we painted our house white and helped a lady see the coming storm in one of four spacious skies."

    Are you considered a talkative individual?

    No; you give one-word responses.
    No; you do not respond in real words.
    Not really; you only really speak to people you need to.
    Yes; you can carry on and on about very simple things.
    No; you're more loud than talkative.
    Yes; still, you walk just as well as you talk so to speak.

    A group of friends ask you to come out with them for the evening; you:

    Ask exactly where you're all going first, perhaps for directions as well, and only go after a moment's thought about the destination.
    Go out, but only if you haven't gone out with them or another group about five times prior in the week.
    Go with them, but you grab a Krispy Kreme on the way out.
    Smile and oblige immediately with a twinkle in your eye.
    Only go out if it's to go drinking, even if they didn't know where they wanted to go in the first place.
    Go out enthusiastically; because if you don't, they'll beg and then you'll feel bad.

    How would others describe you in one word?


    How often do you have to repeat yourself to others?

    To the point that your throat starts hurting.
    You never repeat yourself exactly the same, but they always ask.
    Not too often, but people seem to hear your words differently every time.
    Not too often... though, if you do, people listen.
    It's in your nature to repeat yourself to everyone.
    Yes, but luckily you speak loud so you don't repeat yourself more than you have to.

    Why do people love you?

    You make the people scream and swoon.
    You are very well travelled, and have experienced many things with a gravelly toughness.
    They love you for you, and that is that.
    You can be so shockingly different from your usual self.
    You are iconic in their minds.
    You bring such joy in so few words.

    If you had to be something other than yourself, what would you be?

    A cucumber.
    An elf.
    A claw.
    A mastodon.
    A turtle.
    A sniper.

    What is your greatest fear?

    Losing control.
    Dying alone.
    Having a really bad evening.
    Separation from your loved ones.
    That people don't respect you.

    From this point on in life, what motivates you?

    Hope for a better tomorrow.
    Being the best, the strongest, the tallest.

    You accidentally walk into a bar full of very rough individuals; what happens to you?

    They find you disagreeable; they beat you up and throw you out.
    You amuse them for a little while; then you get old, they beat you up and throw you out.
    You make everyone feel insecure about themselves; they beat you up and throw you out.
    They find you extremely irritable and hard on the ears; they beat you up and throw you out.
    They find you crazy but gutsy; most want to beat you up and throw you out, but a few guys figure you're cool enough to stay.
    Most people pay no attention to you; the rest, however, are too afraid of you to even consider beating you up and throwing you out.

    How would you respond to the mention of "Dragonball Z"?

    Yeah, Dragonball's a'ight.
    HaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaa... *pass out*
    HOOOOOOAAAAaAAAAAAAAAA... *begin coughing*

    Finally... Which was your favourite scene from The Empire Strikes Back?

    When Han Solo finds mynocks chewing on the Millenium Falcon's energy cables.
    When Luke gets his new robotic hand and he and Leia look out the window.
    When Yoda mentions how "size matters not"
    When Han and Leia confess their feelings on Cloud City.
    When the Imperial Walkers blow apart the Rebel base on Hoth.
    When Luke learns that Darth Vader is his father.

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