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    You are sent to retrieve some gold from a far away cave. Inside, shadows leap at every turn and ominous figures roam all around. How do you react?

    I just have to take tackle them as they come. And then I'll grab the gold and return it to the guild master. Simple.
    So there's gold here... Then there's really no need to tackle any enemies then, they won't even know I was here.
    Hmm, I'll kill anyone who attacks me and use a spell to teleport myself back to the guild.
    Pah, the creatures here won't know what hit them; they think they can hide from me?!
    I have to move to higher ground, position myself somewhere strategic and rid myself of any obstacle from a distance.
    Strategy? There's no need for such thing. I'm prepared for anything!
    These weak enemies are no match for my magic. I might as well just hit them with my staff.
    Enemies? No problem, I'll just summon a few skeletons and be done in no time.

    A scared little girl approaches you about a missing item. She claims that her magical ring has fallen in the lake and begs you to help her retrieve it. What do plan to do?

    Sure, sure, I'll grab that ring for ya. It would be a beautiful addition to my collection too.
    I am always happy to help any citizen when he or she is in trouble! I will proudly help you, little girl! *jumps in lake*
    Sure, I guess I have some time to spare. I'll just use a shield on myself so I can comfortably stay underwater.
    Why bother going for a swim myself? I'll just call forth my pet shark to go and get the ring.
    *uses telekinesis* There. Problem solved.
    Oh come on, I don't have any time for these petty things! There's battles to be won and trolls to be slaughtered!
    Ah, seems simple enough. Jump in the lake, swiftly swim, and bring her back the ring before she even blinks.
    *knife shines* What little girl?

    The emperor sends you on a secret quest to destroy a magically floating tower. But there's a catch. In order to destroy it you have to kill the man who inhabits the floating tower.

    Ooh, perfect time to use my fireball spell. Whoosh!
    I'll just position myself outside the tower and shoot an arrow through an opening or window.
    So there's only *one* person in there? Perfect situation to climb in quietly and make my kill.
    W-wait a minute, I have to kill someone innocent? That seems hardly fair! If only this wasn't a quest for the emperor...
    Alright, now where did I put my "Summon-a-Gigantic-Hawk" spellbook?
    Right, so where's the main entrance? There isn't one? Well then, I'll make my own! *jumps on wall and bashes through the tower's foundation*
    If it's a magical tower, then imagine the riches it must hide... I might just keep this man alive for a little longer...
    I'll first have to levitate up to the tower, and then use my axe in the battle with the man inside.

    Hurray, the annual tournaments have finally come! In which tournament do you want to participate?

    Anywhere I can bash the other guy's face off. Let's crack some skulls!
    I really want to show off my enchantment skills, my magical armor is absolutely unique.
    A fair one-on-one fight with another contestant.
    I'll just be a bystander if you don't mind. I'll, uh, mingle around this lovely rich crowd...
    Anything, really. I'm up for whatever.
    There's nothing more beautiful than displaying the wonderful art of magical spells.
    Anything that tests my accuracy and speed.
    Uh, I'm not really interested in participating. But there's a contestant here I'm just dying to see. *sharpens dagger*

    You have to gear up for a big battle. Your choice of armor?

    Something that really blends in. A cloak is vital!
    Anything good enough to protect me in a vicious battle. Looks aren't that important.
    Enchanted armor, of course. It's the best kind!
    Medium, heavy, light, doesn't really matter. Anything of good quality and respectable-looking.
    A lovely robe, I have to look spiffy!
    Full set of heavy armor, helmet, greaves, the whole deal!
    A darkly-colored suit of armor.
    Something light. I always have to be on my toes!

    Blunt question, but what's your favorite past-time besides questing?

    Roaming around the forest and exploring.
    Slaughtering vicious creatures and keeping their heads as my trophies!
    Concocting different types of potions and spells.
    Protecting the citizens and chatting with guild members.
    Spending some time with Kuumu, my level 15 skeleton.
    Nosing around the emperor's castle and vault. No, I don't work there, why do you ask?
    Exploring, experimenting with spells, fighting minions... I always like to try a bit of everything.
    Well, if I told you that, I'd have to kill you.

    You meet an important character, and have to escort him halfway across the map. Your approach?

    I can probably boost our speed with the use of a spell and make it home in no time.
    I'll stay in front and clear the path, I don't want the escort getting in my way.
    It's probably better if we both fight alongside, I'm sure the escort is just as skillfull as I am.
    Agh, why do I have to escort someone in the first place? *glares murderously at character*
    Travel fast and unnoticed. As long as we're efficient, all is well.
    My helmet is enchanted with teleportation proprieties, so this should be easy.
    I'm not babysitting anyone! *kills escort and loots his body*
    I should walk in front, as bait. The escort is of most importance. I'll do my best to protect him just as I promised.

    You're invited by a wealthy house to marry one of their daughters (let's assume we're all male here). Who do you pick?

    I'm not marrying anyone, I can't afford to do that. I always have to be solo.
    The elegant type, like a wood-elf.
    Doesn't matter, anyone who's good looking!
    A strong orc who can hold their own weight.
    Someone skilled *and* good-looking. We'll make beautiful magic together!
    The scientist-type, I want someone who likes to spend time in the lab with me.
    I'm not too fussed, anyone resonably skillful and beautiful.
    A graceful lady, who can resist the damsel in distress?

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