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Princes of Light and Dark
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My Princes~! *cough*

My two favourite characters from FE for thelostsindar's Fire Emblem challenge.

Hah...y'know why they're my favourite? Because they're basically the same guy.

I didn't realize this until recently when I decided to choose my two favourites...only to realize they're very much the same, except on is light magic user and the other is a dark magic user...XD

This took me FOREVER! I did in one day, but STILL...;m; I decided to not do any lineart...which maybe wasn't such a great idea since that made me go about 3 times slower than usual...'orz I started to pick up the pace on Artur, though...so they colouring might look a tad different...O.o;

It was much more colourful before, but I thought it was TOO colourful so I toned it down a tad.

In case any of you guys are thinking this, no Pelleas is not evil (the dark magic user). He's a good guy (wonderful guy)...in fact, both of them are good characters...it's just that one just wants to use dark magic even though it doesn't really sound like his character...he's very kind, considerate, but maybe because he is a bit more reserved the dark magic fits...O.o;

The magic was fun to do~! :D I tried to make it look like the stuff in the game...

Unfortunately you can't see their lovely hands (this usually happens when I do magic...'orz)

Well, I hope you guys like it!

I 'tis very sad there are't more entries for this challenge...;m; I'd really love to see so many more! TT^TT

Fire Emblem Fan Art
artur, dark, light, magic, pelleas
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