Morbid Dollie (eCard Portfolio) How Is It Fair?

How Is It Fair?

How is it fair to call me evil?

In this description, given the theme of the challenge, I will be sharing some of my own views on "religion" and such. I do not intend on offending anyone with this. I do not want any arguments, or anybody trying to convince me to feel differently then I do. If some of the things I question in my description can be "answered" by you, please leave your answers to yourself. I do not want any trouble, or anybody preaching to me. I don't mean to be rude, and I do understand that religion is a very, sensitive topic, but I do not want to start any religious controversy here. I respect your opinion rather you're Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, or whatever you are. So please respect mine, and please do not think differently of me for anything said here.

My own father has called me "just short of evil" because I do not believe in God. He has also told me that I need to "grow up" because I do not see a problem in interracial couples, or gay marriages and couples. He has also told me my soul is going to be lost for eternity because I do not believe. Thus, that is where the text upon the card comes from.

Why is gay marriage Sin? If God loves us all equally, and if He's as kind of a soul and infinite being as He's made out to be, I feel he should love people who are in same-sex relationships as much as anyone else.

Why are interracial couples Sin? Yes, in some cases it does become a little difficult because of different races have different languages, traditions, etc etc. But if the couple can work out something where they are happy and these "traditions" don't hinder their relationship, where's the problem?

To me, none of this is Sin. Love is love, regardless of who shares it.

I also read someone state something about "saying same-sex marriages are OK, is encouraging Sin, so it's basically like saying 'it's ok to steal'". What the heck is that? Stealing is wrong, unjustifiable, unlawful and dishonest in every way possible. But how is LOVE SIN? There is nothing Sinful about it.

I understand that God's reasoning for wanting us to "love Him" is because he does so much to us, gave us life, blah blah blah. But again, if He is such a great, loving infinite being, I think He can forgive people who don't believe in Him. I don't believe my soul will be lost because I do not believe. That's a bunch of BS. Perhaps my soul will be lost if I commit an actual SIN, like murder, theft, or such. But for having my own opinion, naw.

God created the universe, right? What created God? I simply cannot believe God has always been around, because there has to be start to everything. If God exists, and something else created Him, something also created God's creator, and something created the being that created God's creator, etc etc. See, it's an endless cycle?

Evolution is a false theory among scientists because God made humans just as we are today, equipped to survive in this world? Evolution is REAL, and it's happening NOW as I type this. I believe us humans were at one point, more like monkeys, or apes or whatever. And then as eons went by, we evolved into this that we are today.

If everything is a part of a huge "master plan" that God has in store, and, again, He loves us all, why is there so much pain and suffering? Why are there homeless children, or homeless people in general, starving in the streets while criminals roam around unharmed? Why do innocent people have to suffer? Why do these natural disasters keep occurring, taking away the lives of so many people who have done nothing wrong? How can anyone justify this as a part of a "plan" and that God has some reason for all of these lives that are lost? HOW!? (As I said before, don't try to answer it).

I am not evil even if I do not believe in the teachings of the Bible, or any other religion for that matter. I am not evil for having my own opinion. I am not evil for not being able to understand how people can believe such a thing as "God" exists.

Perhaps this was too long. But so be it. I needed a vent about this religious thing anyways. I dedicate this to the creator of this neat challenge :)


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