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13 free sketches part 1
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Part 1 of my 13 free sketches! There's NO way with the size restriction here that all of them could fit. So HIGH RESOLUTION PLEASE!<33

Part 2 of the sketches can be found here!

And here are individuals if you wanted to see them closer up:
Setsu, Hope and Segran
Amor, Emizel, and Minami and Hideki
Amane, Mew Poppukon, SnowP's OCs and Shyla

Thank you SO much to everyone who requested! This was SUCH a great way for me to get back into drawing because I had fun with EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE. Not even kidding! However, the last 3 people who do not see their sketches up here will be up in the second part. You'll see why when I post in a second xD

From left to right, top to bottom:

1)For superstarpanou- her character, Amane, whose element is water. I had just watched the Little Mermaid right before this, so I was SUPER inspired when I drew this haha and it's probably one of my faves here!

2)For mewmewpudding- her old TMM OC, Mew Poppukon! I got so nostalgic when I saw art of her, I just HAD to draw her! I felt SO happy while I drew her, which is why she has such a happy expression xD

3)For SnowP- her OCs who are unnamed xD They both wore scarves, so I thought this scenario would be cute! I loved drawing them together, so thank you for this request, Snow-san!<3

4)For SaxGirl- her character, Shyla! She bends sound, I believe? I was inspired by SNSD's Mr. Taxi and was listening to it as I drew this, so hence the additional checkered fashion xD I hope you like her! This is DEFINITELY one of my faves! <3 I tried to make her look confident because she's surrounded by what she loves.

5)For Yours Truly- her Shugo Chara OC/chara, Amor!! <3 I think she's DEFINITELY one of my favorites. But I was SO sad when I drew her because I drew her like a day before King-san posted his chibis on theO, and I was just so sad that my chibis definitely won't turn out as cute as his. OTL. But I hope this is enough to suffice! I experimented with line weighting for this one....and then I saw King-san's OTL. I will work hard to better myself though, and I hope you still like her nonetheless! <3

6)For Ryuchu- I LOVED drawing this one: It's Emizel with teddy bear ears! I tried to show some personality in each of the ones I drew, so I hope it shows! I put Emizel D. on the bottom because I think his full name is Death Emizel? So yeah. xD

7)For yumei hearts u- my first time EVER drawing mini chibis! Her two OCs, Minami and Hideki playing with stars, since that's what they held in the ref pic I was given. xD

8)For moonlit dream - chibi of her OC, Segran!! I ALWAYS have wanted a character like Segran, but Akioh-chan beat me to it xD I had a LOT of fun with his calm expression and outfit/archery equips! Thanks for the fun request, Akioh-chan!!<33

9)For Angel Zakuro- her character, Setsu! He was a lot of fun to draw and I just loved experimenting with him in the sketch ^^

10)For harvestmoonluvr - Hope Estheim from FFXIII! I REALLY like how he turned out, considering how concerned I was about him. xD His bandana and outfit were a PAIN, but they turned out well in my opinion. Hope you like him!!<3

Also, I would have entered angluvdeath's challenge for 10 free sketches, but I realized that they don't really have a theme xD I was gonna say fantasy, but I definitely know for a fact that some of them aren't LOL.

ALL done in mechanical pencil in my sketchbook over several days!<3

Enjoy everyone!! I really had fun with these!<3

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