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Lorenzo Final version!


well, so far I've already shown you my hitman ocs Blake, Liang and here we have Lorenzo or Laz (nickname)

Name: Lorenzo Albe

Age: 20

Eye color: golden

Skin tone: soft tanned

Hair color: Light brown

Hiarstyle: (use the pic as reference *is shot*)

Profession: Hitman

Personality: Lorenzo is a social guy and charismatic with everyone, he is the funny one of the gang and tends to see always just the good side of everything (a really positive guy), he is considered as the gang's rookie cause he is the youngest, he is talkative and a little bit hyper sometimes... he really loves videogames, explosives, spanish cuisine (paella) and kids (he is like one). About his work, well he is a little careless in some cases but always sucessful.

Likes: making jokes, laughing, buying things for his job, paella, playing videogames (war videogames), explosives, messing around and jogging.

Dislikes: cold people, arrogant people, rainy days, not having enough explosives, sour things.

Habilities: specialist in any kind of explosives and close combat.

Background: He is from Seville, Spain. Her mother died when he was 10 so his father took care of him (they have a pretty good relationship). Later, when Lorenzo was 17 he decided to leave home and start working on his own, as soon as he arrived to Madrid he was recruited by Liang to join the gang.

dedicated to Val cause she likes Laz! XDDD and Hoom does too >w>

oh! and I forgot to say that I used a reference for the pose, since I simply loved it as soon as I saw it! :P

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