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Welcome to Wonderland- HnKnA
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EDIT3: I find it a bit sad that this pic isn't doing as well as this old pic from 2009 LOL. I was hoping maybe I could beat that old record and see how well this would do, but all in all thank you so much for all of the support you've given me so far! >.< I really am grateful!<33

EDIT: Wowww RIGHT After typing my dedication at the bottom I finally remembered something kinda important LOL xDD
The hair-coloring style was inspired by my friend Angel-kun's style for coloring hair like so. xDD If you're wondering where the painted look came from haha~
So yeah now I remembered, I wanted to submit this into Gemma's challenge xDD Haha since it's nothing short of my best work(although not my BEST BEST since it's from a while ago), but anyway~ yep. Now I remembered hahaha xDD

EDIT2: Sorry Akioh-chan for deleting it after you had come by already xDD

Fullview/high resolution please if you want to see it more clearly!

First submission of 2011!<333 And well it doesn't really count because I've been working on this seriously forever since May of last year..but ANYWAY xDD

Group pic of the main characters of the game, Heart no Kuni no Alice by QuinRose~ I used the manga by Houshino Soumei though as a reference for the designs with some pics from the game for ideas on colors. I'm really really proud of this actually..quite some experimenting going on here and I just kept on adding more and more to this pic hahaha xDD

So um...yeah this was actually just a compilation of sketches I put together, and I'm sorry Gowland, the twins and Vivaldi aren't there(though I originally planned to have her in there..the composition didn't work out so well that way ), but yeah I just couldn't fit them! So I picked the main guys and put them in xD Hope you guys don't mind!

Alice, Julius, Blood and Peter were all drawn in May of last year, while Ace and Boris were drawn much later, like October or something while I was on my art hiatus xDD I tried to do some different techniques..and I was really able to fully utilize SAI for this one I believe!

Oh and Alice's expression is as it is because the idea for this came when I drew what kind of feeling she had being overwhelmed by all of the things happening in Heartland at first. She's a lot more headstrong than this, I'm aware, but here I made her more passive like she was when she first arrived.
LOL and Julius and Blood are actually larger than the others for specific reasons(not just because I like them best xD)~ Blood because supposedly the BloodxAlice pairing is canon, and Julius because Alice lives with him, and I find that they are also extremely close because of this reason. So don't kill me for that xD And the fact that they are floating heads..I put my insignia thing and stuff all over it so this wouldn't get stolen haha.

But in any case, I hope you guys really like this! I think Alice came out the best..but please fullview by the way so you can look at the details(and you can see all of my mistakes OTL)! I guess you can see the biggest possible view on my DA here --> Link!<3 I really spent a lot of time on coloring Alice, the accesories and the cards! I had to make up the designs for the cards so yeah xDD I also decided not to shade the cards so that they wouldn't get too caught up in the background and that they'd really stand out. Hope that doesn't degrade the pic xD

All in all I hope you guys like it! They were all really so much fun to draw!

HnKnA and the characters(c)QuinRose and Houshino Soumei
Texture(c) someone on dA I can't remember.. I'll go find the source later!
Splatter brush(c)corelilia on dA(I think? I'll double check this too lol)

Done in Paint Tool SAI and Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 with Wacom Intuos3 Tablet!

Dedicated to Angel-kun, who has been supporting me all of this time and I've never properly had a picture dedicated for. I love you SO SO much and thank you for sticking with me all the way! It's so much fun talking to you and I thought about you while finishing this pic ^^ I hope to hear from you soon!<3 *super hugs*

Take care you guys!<3

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