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This one took me some time! x3 But I really really really love it. ♥

Originally, the texts at the back were typed in but I happened to have I love you brushes so changed them to those instead. And the 'quote' was changed a lot. It was hard to think of something to write. So I settled with that.

I put 'shot' on the title because of the picture-like thing there. It's that that took me time. :D

Anyway, IshiHime is my OTP! Everyone must've known that, LOL xD They're cute, dorky, funny, adorable and they bring out the best of each other. :D They have a lot of things in common (lost someone, lives alone, smart, Handicrafts Club ♥) and I love them both. :3

I just fell for them when they first tag teamed in the Save Rukia Arc. They're geniuses! xD And during those times I first saw their other sides. Ishida was actually goofy and funny (he blushed for the first time x//DDD)and Inoue showed a lot of her strong and clever side (blending in with shinigami outfits and how she knocked out those shinigamis with her karate skillz!)

In the Hueco Mundo Arc, during Ulqui VS Ichi, he was willing to bring her up in their battle field despite knowing the danger it will cause. Yet he did because he... fangurl me would say love, but, in general, he respects her and her wish and, I have something in my mind but I can't seem to say it. xD Through out the series, I could see that he's the one who really cares for her, knows her feelings and respects her and is willing to protect her even if it meant losing an arm and causing death (glad he didn't ;u;) I love his selflessness. ♥

I have lots more to say but I'll stop her now. ♥

IF YOU DISLIKE/HATE/DON'T WHANT THIS PAIRING, DON'T LOOK AND DON'T COMMENT. Because I won't care. =w= I love them no matter what.

I'm making icon versions of this!! ♥

Brushes - Coby17
Scan -
Characters - Bleach- Tite Kubo

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