the door

okay i'll be posting stuffs i've written on the past on my notebook
it's some of the things that just happen to pass by on my mind

The door

i always thought,
“what if I opened a door,
entered the room,
a small room without any windows,
then closed the door
and after I finish what I was supposedly did in the room
I once again opened the door only to see
a new and different world than that it should be.”

a part of me would want to enter it
and explore that world I have yet to see
yet a part of me would long
return to the original world I have been

there’s also a part of me who would stay
only in one place simply there
doing nothing

“do you thik if I close the door
it will go back to how it should be?
or maybe go to another different one?
or just stay like this forever?”

i have a lot of time to decide
yet It’s not enough time for me
to decide something important
might be difficult to do

my ideologies might be be different
than that what others have
but maybe because of that
that I can move on to the future
dragging everything I can from the past
and the present that becomes the past

if ever this time come to me
what decision would I choose?
which one should I follow?
even without a door
I know this
I know that everyone has to face this one day

I just hope that mine’s still far ahead
yet not that far
just close enough to the time that I finally mature
because age doesn’t matter to immaturity