The Shark House - Chapter 1 - A Brief History

In the city of Bayside on 94 Ocean Drive, stands an apartment block; it cannot be missed, mostly for the coffeehouse right next door that only opens at night.
In 2013, a charity was setup to help debt ridden individuals by giving them a roof over their head until they successfully pay back whatever debt is owed, for a while it seemed to work, the building housed up to ten occupants and the turnover was five tenants a month, but as the years went on, the turnover declined to five per year, when a deadly pandemic hit, this ended up reducing the turnover to zero for two years, as of the end of the year 2022, only two tenants managed to leave; the government getting frustrated by the lack of turnover at the now dubbed Shark House have given the owner one year to try and improve the fortunes of all ten of it's tenants or raise enough money to keep functioning as a registered charity, with zero donations and it's current crop of tenants no where near the exit door, this could be Shark House's final year.
The owner who goes by Giro can be seen running the coffeehouse next door along with his secretary and administrator Quint.
"Giro, two tenants isn't enough to save this place"
Giro, more calm than the grizzled face of Quint just casually cleaned the coffee filters.
"Quint, give me a run down of the current tenants if you please"
Quint just sighed as he put out his cigarette and took out his papers and shoved them towards Giro.
From top to bottom, it read like a gallery of rogues.
1. Nessa - Church volunteer, paying off legal debts.
2. Barry - Night Watchman, paying off bank loans.
3. Freddy - IT Helpdesk, paying off huge fines.
4. Eddie - Roadie, paying off property damage fines.
5. Candy - Hairdresser, paying off huge credit card bills.
6. Bentley - Chef, paying off business loans.
7. Sara - Youtuber, paying off university fees.
8. Popuri - Part Timer, paying off university fees.
9. David - Engineer, paying off car loans and traffic fines.
10. Lisa - Courier, paying off loan sharks.
"I know Lisa joined us a few weeks back, I believe this Popuri girl will join us second day of the new year" Giro continues to give off a calm aura.
"How does a pretty face like that end up here?" Quint remarked while staring at the photo of Popuri.
"She's a friend of the two tenants that left earlier this year, Alex and Zoe; she must have her reasons for wanting to come to Shark House, who knows, maybe she's the key to turning this place around" Giro speculates while refitting the filter.
Quint shrugs as he rearranges his portfolio and leaves, Giro finishes cleaning as he shuts up the Coffeehouse for New Years, who knows if The Shark House will see 2024.