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Victory Script - Watch Out for the Guy you Like

Now something of a breather from Episode 50 of Fairy Tail, Watch out for the guy you like.

Juvia starts the episode attempting to obtain a potion that would make Gray notice her and pays alot to obtain it, unfortunately she's too scared to try it.
Lucy meanwhile is bored as there are no active jobs while Natsu and Happy dance about for fun, Mirajane comments on them being a good couple which Lucy rejects but it's obvious that it's on her mind.
The following day seems fairly normal until the other guild members say to Lucy that Natsu is talking about meeting a girl later, Lucy still clearly thinking about what Mirajane says goes all giddy thinking of love scenarios, then it gets worse as Natsu asks Lucy to meet her by the old oak tree in town this evening, using the distraction, Juvia releashes the potion but hits a few other guild members along with Gray, chaos ensues as the potion doesn't cause love but rivalries.
Here's a run down.
Gray declares Happy his rival.
Mirajane declares Erza her rival from their childhood.
Cana is rivals with Makarov over drinking.
Thunder Legion and Shadow Gear are rivals over who's the better team.
Wakaba and Macao are rivals over pay.
Elfman is searching for a rival but never finds it.
Erza is rivals with a stone pillar.
Finally Makarov is rivals with alcohol.
Each moment more hilarious than the last.
Meanwhile Lucy gets herself dressed up to meet Natsu, while he does show, the girl he's after is Virgo to dig up a spot where the guild hid their most embarrassing photos, Lucy smacks Natsu and reflects on what a moron she is for thinking Natsu had any romantic feelings.
The following day, Gray is talking with Juvia and asks her to not get so weird, Juvia forces the potion down Gray but only results in him declaring the Horizon his rival and runs off to Galuna Island.
Meanwhile Lucy is just fed up of Mirajane bothering her.
One takeaway from this episode and that's how the rivalries pan out for some people.
Elfman's lack of a rival just shows how insecure he is about his masculinity.
Makarov's rivalry with alcohol is just dark but considering what he went through with his family and guild, you can't blame him for thinking like that.
Erza's is not so much for comedy rather that the pillar reminds her of the Tower of Heaven.

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Victory Script - An Old Enemy Returns

Next up is quite a surprise from Episode 19 of Digimon 02 - An Old Enemy Returns.

Following on from the previous episode, the Digi-destined find the Emperor's fortress, Davis has to stay behind due to no land access while the others infiltrate the base along with Tentomon.
A dark whirlpool is seen by TK and Pegasusmon, what he sees is Ken obtaining Devimon's data, the thought of seeing Angemon's killer enrages TK so he splits to confront Ken directly.
Cody, Yolei and Kari are confronted by Kimeramon, the very creation Ken has been working on.
TK confronts Ken but TK just laughs at him and taunts him for his lack of understanding of the dark forces he's playing with, even shrugging off a whip to the face, followed by TK beating the ever loving crap out of Ken, it doesn't last long as Kimeramon runs rampant through the Digi-destined, Davis being useful for once uses the moving island to help his friends escape forcing the Digi-destined to re-group.
Ken assumes control of Kimeramon but it's not clear if he's really in control.
Three takeaways from this episode.
1. I'm reminded how useless Davis is, he's a poor substitute for Tai and TK really should've been the protagonist.
2. Speaking of which, this is the same TK who was too young in the previous season to make any kind of impact except as a last resort with Angemon, when did he become such a bad ass? It's a testament to his character how much he's evolved between seasons and how much his experiences have affected him as he's grown, his reaction to Ken and full on fist fight with him is one of the best moments in the franchise.
3. TK isn't the only anime character to beat the crap out of someone for making a chimera, isn't it Edward?

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Fairy Tail

Victory Script - Warcry of Excessiveness

Next up is the comedic series spinoff Full Metal Panic Fumoffu Episode 7, Warcry of Excessiveness.

The episode opens with a student named Gouda talking to the principal about the state of his club, he talks about all the charity work they do and all the quality of life work they do around the school but the Principal flatout says that they are not a club dedicated to charity, they are supposed to be playing Rugby.
The Student Council gets involved as the President brings in Kaname and Sousuke to sort the issue while he's away at a conference, the goal is to get the Rugby team to defeat their rival side in order to remain a club.
A look at what the club actually do can be considered, how should I put this, soft and a little excessive with the safety and very sissy; Kaname sees them as a lost cause and even joins in making fun of them when the rival team bullies them but when Kaname refuses an advance from the rival team captain and Sousuke's inability to read the situation triggers a mass brawl, Gouda and the team fed up of being humiliated asks Sousuke for help.
The next day, Sousuke trains them army style using some rather colourful language from Sousuke's book written by Melissa Mao how to abuse a training recruit.
The day of the match comes and Sousuke leads his team onto the pitch, the team themselves looking stoic and disciplined are rallied into action.
Once the match starts, Sousuke immediately gets sin binned for kicking out the rival captain, the rest of the team go in and destroy the remains of the rival team.
The episode ends with Kaname smacking Sousuke for trying to end with something meaningful to say.
Three takeaways from this episode.
1. It's pretty terrifying how easy it is to mold the kindest soul into a soldier, a reminder that the battlefield is no place for those not willing to kill.
2. The training montage is a direct reference to Full Metal Jacket.
3. According to Sousuke's dub actor Chris Patton, there is an uncut version of the training montage as the original episode was censored with bleeps and he confirmed in person he really did say all those things.

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Digimon 02

Victory Script - Pika and Goliath

A look at Pokemon DP Episode 74 - Pika and Goliath.

Its a normal lunch time for Ash, Dawn and Brock when Pikachu has to deal with Piplup who wanders off. A trainer approaches with a Pichu mistaking Pikachu for a wild one, Sho is attempting to make a powerful evolution team of the whole Pikachu line and begs Ash several times to trade Pikachu but Ash is having none of it but does at least agree to battle Sho's Raichu.
Ash tries everything against the Raichu, even calling on his previous knowledge fighting Lt Surge but Raichu not only matches Pikachu's techniques but greatly over powers the electric mouse, the battle ends when Pikachu takes a point blank hyper beam.
Paul who was watching says Pikachu would never beat Raichu as it is and calls Ash pathetic for even trying, but insults would have to wait as Pikachu is badly hurt.
Over night, Pikachu is in intensive care and even goes into cardiac arrest, the extra voltage keeping him going.
Ash approaches Pikachu in the ward and places the thunderstone next to his bed with Team Rocket watching in the background contemplating the idea of Pikachu becoming Raichu, Ash gives Pikachu the option and leaves him to rest, Pikachu not so happy is found the next morning training to strengthen his attacks, it's heavily assumed that Team Rocket helped him make the decision by stealing the thunderstone.
Pleased that Pikachu will stay as he is Ash re-challenges Sho and in an epic clash of titans, Pikachu overcomes the Raichu using his new found strength and techniques learned by watching Dawn's contests, Sho admits defeat and accepts Ash as a rival, Paul still not impressed.
Three takeaways from this episode.
1. This is a callback to season 1 when Pikachu went up against Lt Surge's Raichu with the next logical step obviously going up against a fully trained Raichu but it's also the last time we'd get this story.
2. Pikachu nearly died, really think about that for a second, we've seen Ash dice with death several times and plenty of episodes have dealt with ghosts of the deceased but rarely do they cover the death of Pokemon, it wouldn't be until Alola that it really talks about it but for many people, this was a nervous episode to watch.
3. With that in mind, a question: what counts as "too far" in a Pokemon battle? With Pokemon having constant medical help, it's easy to assume that most will get up after a mere fainting but Pikachu took a point blank hyper beam while pinned to a rock and was lucky to be alive, this is also the major plot point of Arven's story when his Mabostiff is injured to the point of being on life support before the first Titan, something to consider when you next decide to incinerate that level 2 Pidgey with a maxed out Charizard.

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Full Metal Panic

Victory Script - A Wicked Wind Blows

An example of raising the stakes in a sports anime, Beyblade 1st season episode 49 - A Wicked Wind Blows.

The finals of the first World Championships hasn't started well for the Bladebreakers as Kai loses to Spencer, Ray is up next against Bryan and it's all on him to deliver, but Bryan isn't pulling any punches as the arena is a rotating disk stadium, the first round goes poorly as debris from Falborg's attack strike Ray several times along with the wind coming off his Beyblade, Ray loses pretty quick as he and Driger have to regroup and give it another shot but Bryan isn't about to slow down for Ray and intensifies his assault, Ray is able to scrap a win by going all out but collapses from his injury.
Bryan is pissed although you can't always tell with how he speaks and puts Ray as he puts it through the wringer, getting more violent as the attacks start tearing into his clothes and hair ties revealing some unbelievable hair from Ray, he's all but reached his limit but through inspirational words and Driger's desire to protect Ray, Driger pulls off one final attack that defeats Bryan and shatters his blade into pieces, unfortunately Ray collapses from the injuries and is hospitalised, he also loses Driger in the process having given all his energy to save Ray, the victory sets up a final clash between Tala and Tyson.
Four takeaways from this episode.
1. It's disappointing that Bryan never did much after this as he's on par with Tala for pure ruthlessness.
2. The injuries to the actual beybladers serves as a foreshadow for where the series ultimately ends up in G Revolution where the stakes are higher and injuries more frequent.
3. With that in mind Ray's super long hair makes it's debut and ultimately acts as a symbol of how intense the sport gets.
4. Ray's passed out expression is a reference to Tomorrows Joe's most famous scene where the boxer dies with a smile on his face, Ray doesn't die but it's great to know where the reference originates.

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