Killler Baby SITTER

This is my entry for the Halloween Jam. :] <3

"Kagome!" Inuyasha whined. "What the hell am I doing here?"

He plodded moodily along with Kagome and Sota, his Halloween bucket thudded against his leg. His usually hidden ears popped up proudly. Kagome turned around to giggle at him. Her cat ear headband was slightly askew on her head.

"It's Halloween, Inuyasha." She said pointedly, as if that was reason enough. Sota turned around and glanced at Inyasha. The little boy was dressed as Superman, his cape flying with the wind.
"Don't be such a Grinch, Inuyasha."
"That's Christmas, Sota." Kagome reminded him.

Inuyasha grumbled and looked into his bucket.
"I don't even know what Halloween is." He scowled suddenly at Kagome's cat costume. He hated cats.
"Well, you like food, right?" Kagome said dryly. "When the door opens, just say 'Trick or Treat' loudly, and you should be good."
"I don't like that tone, Kagome!" Inuyasha barked sarcastically.
"Shut up, Inuyasha. I just want to have fun." She said calmly. "Oh look!" She brightened up. "The first house."

Inuyasha's steps became slower and slower until his feet were barely moving. Sota ran up to the door and stood by a vampire. He turned around and cupped his hand around his mouth.
"Kagome! Can I go with a friend?"
"You stay within eyesight, Sota!"
"Kay, thanks Kagome!"

The two young boys got their candy and ran to the next house. The vampire's mom ran after them, violently waving her flashlight. Kagome grabbed Inuyasha's hand and pulled him forward.
"C'mon Inuyasha! Let's go! I want some candy!"

Kagome and a grumbling Inuyasha walked up to the elaborately decorated house. Kagome poked the doorbell. The "DING" resonated through the house. The door opened. Inuyasha held out his bag and breathed in.
"Trick or--Kagome get back!" Inuyasha yelled.

"Inuyasha! What?!" Kagome screeched. Before she could protest, Inuyasha stepped bravely in front of her. He withdrew the Tetsaiga. It glimmered from the moonlight.
"You wanna fight punk?" Inuyasha whispered threateningly.

The man's green skin was scarred and scabbed horribly. His eyes were black as coal. Blood was running down the side of his head. The man growled menacingly.
"Look kid, no one's gonna give you any candy if you're pulling out your little sword threatening them to give you some."
"Inuyasha, what the hell are you thinking?!" Kagome pushed him aside. "Forgive me Mr. Chan, my friend likes to put on the heroics during Halloween."

Mr. Chan smiled and gave them both three pieces of candy.
"You kids stay safe." He said.
"We will. Nice COSTUME by the way Mr. Chan."
After Mr. Chan closed the door, Inuyasha turned to Kagome.
"Costume? You mean...he was a fake demon?"
"He was Frankenstein!" Kagome grabbed Inuyasha's ear and dragged him far away from the neighborhood.

"Kagome...what are you doing?!"
"You wanna see scary? I'll show you scary!"
"Kagome?" Inuyasha whispered, his voice quavering.
"Inuyasha...SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT!"

And all night, the sounds of screeching, yelling, and the word "Sit" reverberated through the neighborhood. That's why, on every Halloween, the children in this neighborhood trick or treat quickly. They're afraid of the killer babysitter coming out to catch them acting naughty...