Hi everybody! Tis, Samantha aka Sesshy.Uber.Rad. :] Welcome to The Backroom! {previously known as Forever Forest.} As you can see, this world has finally been revamped! Isn't that just the bees knees? So, the purpose of this world really is just a place for me to write whatever I want. Basically this is my erm..."professional writing" world. My blog is "Journal of A Crazy." ;] So if there's something on here that you don't agree with, that's really too bad. Your opinion is welcome, but there is no flaming here. Criticism of MY writing is NOT welcome I will NOT tolerate it....I'm kidding. Of course critical criticism is welcome whole heartedly here. ^_^ Actually, I will probably love you forever if you criticize me. Cause that means YOU LOVE ME and want to see me get better as a writer. ;] That's how I take all criticism anyways. People wouldn't take the time to criticize you if they didn't care, right?
It's friendly here. This is a place where you are free to speak your mind. So...I usually don't like to put up rules, but due to past circumstances, I'll have to make some...*sigh* I wish you guys didn't make me do this....

Rules of The Backroom:
1. Thou shalt not flame (curse at, throw things at, and throw up on, etc..) the writer (me)
2. To flame your neighbor is just as bad as flaming the writer. It's mean and mean.
3. You can curse, but don't call the writer or your neighbor a derogatory name. ex: "You flabbergasted BANANA!!
4. You shall be friendly and open minded here. There is no close mindedness, or I shall kick you out. I'm so serious.

So you know what you can and can't do. Don't push my buttons, and I'll love you forever. Push the buttons, and ACTION will have to be taken..... X] <3 I am a beta reader, so if you want me to proofread anything, go right on ahead and send it my way! Welcome to The Backroom. *hugs*

Killler Baby SITTER

This is my entry for the Halloween Jam. :] <3 "Kagome!" Inuyasha whined. "What the hell am I doing here?" He plodded moodily along with Kagome and Sota, his Halloween bucket thudded against his leg. His usually hidden...

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Seances by: Sesshy.Uber.Rad

We all know what
Speak to a loved, lost one.
It's all fun and games.
Hold hands.
Concentrate on the one you love.
You giggle as the sound
of chanting amuses you.
Your fingers tingle
with anticipation.
You can't wait to
see them again.
Just one last time.
Just one last
"I'll love you forever."
You watch in fascination as each person in the circle,
communes with an unseen
loved one.
The psychic turns to you.
"Your turn." She smiles.
You eagerly tell her their name.
She chants and chants.
And chants.
You frown in dissapointment.
The psychic stares at you.
"The spirits tell me,
that there is nobody
of the name,
you speak of?"
Shocked, you withdraw your hands.
"No, no!" you yell.
"You see,
the person I wanted to see...
is still alive.
But they're lost.
They're lost to me."

Who Am I?

Note: This is just a "journal entry" from somebody's diary (From Naruto). I'm not going to mention any names whatsoever in the entry either. ;] Guess who it is. When you think about it, this could really be ANY of the youngins in Naruto. So go wild. If it sounds 'emo' to you... Eh, well, I'm sure we've all felt these feelings once in a while. I tried to write it to make it relatable to everybody. So I hope you like it. ^_^ Remember, just because it sounds emo, don't automatically assume that I wrote this with Sasuke in mind.


Dear Journal,

Today was a horrible day. I worked so hard today, I almost fainted from over exertion. Not to mention I heard the rumor mill today, and guess who's on it? Me. As if any of that is important though.

But today, I've been feeling depressed. Have you ever felt as if the weight of the world was on your shoulders? Like, if you moved just an inch, everything as you knew it would crumble and you would fail everybody? It's just lately everybody has been saying "Do this. Do that. Get it done." I have things to do too. Well, I have things to do too. It's like, I'm breathing for them or something. I know that if I left, nobody would notice. They would find some other person without a life to do their things for them. Am I a fool for letting them control me? Yes, but I feel as if I OWE everybody something. I'd feel like an evil person for NOT doing what they ask me to do for them. It's little things. And big things. But when they ignore you afterwards, not even a thank you or a glance, it leaves a scar. It's like, a word is forever etched into your mind after each deception and betrayal. "Alone" "Unwanted" "Faker" My mind is a canvas. I'm an artist. Watch me as I paint. Am I right?

Not to mention, THEY will never notice me either. (You remember who THEY indicates right?) When they walk in a room, it's like a dying sun. A falling star; bright, brilliant, and huge. They're always occupied with a fellow star though, just as bright, just as brilliant, twice as huge. They would never notice me, a black hole, who just sucks in all misery. Don't get me wrong, black holes are interesting, but only for a second. Then WHOOSH, the falling star flies by, and the black hole is just what it is. And even though I laugh at all the people that are captivated by all the shiny bright lights, I'm one of them as well. It's hard to resist. It's hard to turn your head away. I've tried too many times. I've told myself "stop, you know that they'll never love you. You're going to hurt yourself. And for what?" But who am I kidding? That NEVER works.

Well, I must stop here. Somebody's calling for me... Ha, see my point?

Blindly in Love

This if for all the girls or guys that have ever been blindly in love with someone who didn't love them back. May you have a more successful crush in the future. :] <3

There he is again, stealing my breath away as usual. What I wouldn't give to have him smile at me...Wait, is he smiling at me? No, he's smiling at Sakura. Of course. He brushes past me, the smell of soap wafting off of his skin. I feel my breath becoming uneven and my hands start to shake. He pays no notice.

Do you know what it's like to be so in love with someone, but they don't even know you exist? Sometimes, he sees me, and smiles quickly, but it's a polite smile, intended to show his disinterest in me. His eyes never linger on mine for longer than a second. It hurts, but I deal with it. Just a small glance makes my day. A tiny smile satisfies me for a week. Anything to know that I'm not totally invisible.

I dream of running my fingers through his soft, blond hair. How would it feel? Like velvet and chocolate and all good things combined together. What does he dream of? Running his fingers through Sakura's hair probably. Or kissing her soft lips. Why wouldn't he love her? She's powerful. Unlike me. She's beautiful. Unlike me. She's funny and outgoing. Unlike me. She's what I wish I was. She's everything I'm not. And that gives him all the more reason to love her.

Despite all of these factors, I still dream about him. He's still the person I think about before I fall asleep. His laugh resonates in my head like bells. It's the only thing I ever hear. Sure, I'm a fool in love. But it's a reason for me to get up in the morning. He's a burst of vibrant color in my black and white life. Am I setting myself up for heartbreak? Of course. But if my heart is in his hands, he would be too kind to shatter it; he would never. Am I blindly in love with him? Maybe. But I can see enough to know that I'm irrevocably in love with him. He might be one source of sadness in my already bleak life. But he's my only source of happiness. And I would be stupid to give that up.

Love. What a wonderful feeling.

Love. What a horrible feeling.

Sent with Love to: Strawberry Panic Haters

So the topic that I'll touch on today is: yuri love. If you don't know what yuri love is, it's also known to the public here in America as lesbian love. So yuri love is popping up alot in anime and mangas now. Strawberry Panic is just one of the many. My fave couple in SP is Nagisa and Shizuma. ^_^ They're cute, no? But anyways, that's beside the point. I have many, MANY friends who are AGAINST Strawberry Panic [and therefore are against all lesbians] I'm not saying I'm a lesbian [I'm not FYI] but I'm saying, why? Why are people against lesbians? Gays and bi's for that matter. And why take it out on a perfectly good anime? SP is awesome, and people hate it because there are lesbians in it. Where is the love?

If two people love each other, you should let them be together. How would you feel if I walked up to you and said, "No, you can't be with [insert crush/bf/gf's name here]. I forbid it. No. I'll backhand you." Just kidding about the backhand part. I'm not a violent person. Anyways, you would feel bad right? What right do you and the government have to stop two people who are in love to marry or be together? How are they, as a couple, going to affect your life? They're not going to come into your house and make out in your room. They're minding their own business; they're nice people. I should know. Some of my friends wear their sexuality on their sleeve with pride. So anyways, gay people can't help but be gay. It's in their DNA; there is scientific proof.

So if you're trying to stop somebody from being gay or whatever, you're preventing them from being who they really are. And now you're a bit of a dictator aren't you? Now some people say it's against the will of God. Now that is true in a way, but what if a gay person wasn't Christian or Catholic? Then you're forcing your religion on them. And now you're even more of a dictator than before. You don't want to be a dictator. People wouldn't like you very much.

Let Shizuma and Nagisa be! Let them love without scoffs of disgust and eye rolling. Hate me all you want, but this is MY OPINION. I respect the folks who are against gays, but I don't hate them. So please treat me with the same respect.

If everyone could just become more accepting and see these people as REAL people with REAL feelings, maybe the world could be a nicer place. Now if we could just tackle global warming the world would be PERFECT.