Hi everybody! Tis, Samantha aka Sesshy.Uber.Rad. :] Welcome to The Backroom! {previously known as Forever Forest.} As you can see, this world has finally been revamped! Isn't that just the bees knees? So, the purpose of this world really is just a place for me to write whatever I want. Basically this is my erm..."professional writing" world. My blog is "Journal of A Crazy." ;] So if there's something on here that you don't agree with, that's really too bad. Your opinion is welcome, but there is no flaming here. Criticism of MY writing is NOT welcome I will NOT tolerate it....I'm kidding. Of course critical criticism is welcome whole heartedly here. ^_^ Actually, I will probably love you forever if you criticize me. Cause that means YOU LOVE ME and want to see me get better as a writer. ;] That's how I take all criticism anyways. People wouldn't take the time to criticize you if they didn't care, right?
It's friendly here. This is a place where you are free to speak your mind. So...I usually don't like to put up rules, but due to past circumstances, I'll have to make some...*sigh* I wish you guys didn't make me do this....

Rules of The Backroom:
1. Thou shalt not flame (curse at, throw things at, and throw up on, etc..) the writer (me)
2. To flame your neighbor is just as bad as flaming the writer. It's mean and mean.
3. You can curse, but don't call the writer or your neighbor a derogatory name. ex: "You flabbergasted BANANA!!
4. You shall be friendly and open minded here. There is no close mindedness, or I shall kick you out. I'm so serious.

So you know what you can and can't do. Don't push my buttons, and I'll love you forever. Push the buttons, and ACTION will have to be taken..... X] <3 I am a beta reader, so if you want me to proofread anything, go right on ahead and send it my way! Welcome to The Backroom. *hugs*

Killler Baby SITTER

This is my entry for the Halloween Jam. :] <3 "Kagome!" Inuyasha whined. "What the hell am I doing here?" He plodded moodily along with Kagome and Sota, his Halloween bucket thudded against his leg. His usually hidden...

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