Rain = Tears...

I was glad that I had that talk with Hachimata. Without knowing it, I revealed to myself what love was to me. I continued walking to lord knows where. Then something hit me. It was cold and wet... Water?, I thought. Soon enough, water started pooring from the sky. Oh great... rain. Oh how I hate rain... The rain become a storm. I remember the last time rain poored on me... It was on that day. The day when I walked into that mansion... Filled with people just like me.

Pretty soon, I was soaked to the bone. I don't know why I was walking in the rain. Maybe I just wanted those memories to stay in my head. The rain only reminded me of them. But the rain also reminded me of AWFUL memories. I became very tired and scared so I stopped in front of a cafe. I sneezed a lot. "Aaahhh ahhh couuuu!!!", I blew. I sniffled a bit and went into the cafe. My chakra boiled up inside of me. I think it was trying to tell me something. Probably the presence of a biju was near by or something. I couldn't tell if it was that or the fact that I had a serious cold. The cafe was a nice one. But it was cold. I shivered while walking to a seat. I need some hot chocolate or something..., I thought to myself. Thunder roar outside and it startled me. I always hated Thunder and lighting. More thunder blew and I was terrified. I quickly hid under the table with my hands on top of my head. I started to cry.

"Mama! Mama! Let me in!!!" I cried, banging on the front door. I was locked outside the house and it was pooring rain. The rain was fierce and the thunder was awful. The lightning frightened me.
"Mama!!! Please!!! Help me!! Mama!!!" I kept banging on the door. Tears were flowing down my face... I was only 5. I didn't know what to do. "Mama!!!" I kept at it. 10 minutes past and I was still banging on the door. "Mama please...", I broke down on my knees, crying. The rain flowed most of the streets and the lightning lit the sky with terrifing blue and yellow streaks. The thunder let out a big BOOOOOM and set off the cars' alarms. I screamed and ran under a tree. Soak to the bone, I cried under the tall tree with my hands on my head. The lightning hit on of the branches and and branch fell right beside me. I screamed and ran away from it.

Running. Running. I was running. Where to? I don't know. My vision became blurry. I couldn't see. Plus I became very dizzy... I wabbled on the street. I collasped and didn't get back up. I opened my eyes and saw shoes right infront of me. "Little girl.. are you okay? Ma'am? Hello can you hear me??" It said to me. I looked up with my dull, half way blind eyes. I couldn't figure out who this person was. It was blurry. I dropped my head on the floor slowly. "Ma'am? Ma'am!! Ma'am!!! Hang in there!! Ma'am!! Excuse me Ma'am!!!" It spoke.

------ Back to realality-----

"Ma'am? Are you okay? Ma'am!!" I heard a voice speaking to me. I snapped out of my flashback and popped open my teary eyes. It was a boy in a tux. He spoke in french. I didn't quite understnad what he was saying. "Wakarimasen..." I said in Japanese in a soft tone. (It means I don't understand) "Oh I'm sorry." he spoke in Japanese. "Are you okay Ma'am? You were crying and shivering under this table." he told me. Thunder blew and I got startled. The boy got startled as well and bended down. "You see, I'm afraid of storms myself." he told me. His voice was so sweet. Wait... too sweet. He spoke some more. "My god! Your soaked! Lets get you into some nice warm clothes. By the way, my name is Kokoro." Just as I thought... A girl.

~Someone plz continue!!

~~~Soaked and Scared Yurikami