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Lovely card above is by chibi-anna-chan!<3 Thank you so much!

Admissions for the event are now CLOSED! >.< Sorry!

Welcome to the theOtaku Secret Santa Christmas in July event for 2012!

I, aragorn1014, and my amazing friend Ryuchu will be co-hosting the event this year! ^^ The last Secret Santa event for 2011 was a huge success, so we're hoping this event will be as well!<3

NOTE: This Secret Santa event is for fanart/drawings! >.<

The same rules apply this year as they did for the Christmas one, but here are some basic guidelines on the process to start off if you don't know how this works!

How It Works
BEFORE YOU ASK TO JOIN, READ THE RULES. Then PM me/Ryuchu or comment here on this World and we'll compile a list of all members that wish to participate in this event here on this World. From there, we'll randomly partner up each person with someone they must draw for after all post their wishlists.

Each person participating in this Secret Santa event must DRAW a MINIMUM of ONE picture for their person by July 24th-July 25th, 2012. We'll be giving a bit more lee-way though, since summers tend to be busy. So at latest, gifts will be posted by August 1st, 2012. We can't allow graphics(cards, wallpapers etc) for the purposes of this event, sorry!

The rules are all listed in the first post HERE!

If you are too lazy to read the entire thing, I went ahead and put the important parts in bold. Just read the parts in bold at least, please. >.<

You can find a list of everyone who's participating in this event HERE!

And a list of important dates are HERE!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

Best wishes!<3

The Final list!

Hello everyone!! Sorry it took me WAY longer than intended to get this up, but here's the final list!! Click on the Santa's name to see their gift for their person, and please do check them all out! They turned out super wonderful and I am SO happy Ryu-chan and I have been a part of it all with you guys ^^ Enjoy!~

CelestialSushi- StarsSmile
MewChero- CitrusStorm
itemilicious- HotRamen2Go009
MangaKid- FallenAngel 01
Narie920- Allie Elric
superstarpanou [1] [2]- FUNimation
Kaijin89- MewChero
littlepooch- Ellenor Mererid
CitrusStorm- Kaijin89
umchan649- Sakaira
umchan649- DixieWings
Sakaira- SnowP
angluvdeath- alphonse13
KeybladeMewKasa- itemilicious
Keya- pandaman08
MeepoSan- yumei hearts u
pandaman08- infinatelove42
SnowP [1] [2]- MeepoSan
thelostsindar- Keya
DixieWings- C C C
KiKaiya [1] [2]- Narie920
Yours Truly- MangaKid
StarsSmile- superstarpanou
FUNimation- harvestmoonluvr
C C C- thelostsindar
HotRamen2Go009 [1] [2]- icefoxchan
Allie Elric- umchan649
FallenAngel 01- CelestialSushi
infinatelove42- 15385Bic
15385Bic- KiKaiya
alphonse13- angluvdeath
icefoxchan- littlepooch
yumei hearts u- Yours Truly
Ellenor Mererid- KeybladeMewKasa

Again, I'm sorry it took so long to compile this list!! But I hope you all had fun and I'm going to try getting around to commenting all of these if I can because you all worked so hard and they turned out beautiful-- so how could I not? haha Thanks SO much everyone for participating in this(we had a 100% turn out!! So no one missed gifts this year, even though some were late haha)~ So thanks again guys!! I hope you all are ready for the new school year and good luck to you all! ^^

Special thanks to Anna-chan once again for the lovely card banner at the top, and for my amazing co-host Ryu-chan!!<33 I'm so so glad I got to be your co-host too haha!! Love you all and take care!

Finishing up the list!

Hello everyone!! Summer classes have finally finished for me, so now I'll be working on the list much more quickly now! =) I almost have it all compiled, but I'll be leaving to Houston tomorrow, so expect it to be up within the next week! Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this, and I hope all has been well!! <3 Take care!

Have You Recieved Your Gift?

Sayura's still busy compiling the list of gifts, but to make her job a little easier, I just wanted to take a moment to ask if you guys have received your gift yet. Now that it's officially past August 1st, all the presents should have been posted (unless you received a PM from Sayura or myself stating otherwise). If you haven't, please leave a comment letting me know so I can speak with your SecretSanta and figure out where to go from here.

Sorry for the trouble and I hope you all have a great summer.

Additionally, thank you once more for participating in this event. You guys are all awesome! :)

~ Ryuchu

Compiling the list!

Hello everyone!! Long time no see, huh? I'm really sorry about the huge break haha, it's been really busy lately. But you guys really owe a lot to Ryu-chan for keeping things in check! So big thanks to her!<3

Second order of business: As Ryu-chan said, I'm going to be compiling a list of everyone and their pair-ups/gifts after everyone has posted! So if you'd like to send me a link with your art, that'd be great--but if not, then I'll be looking for and commenting on everyone's as possible! ^^

So I hope you're all having a fabulous summer and keep the lovely gifts coming!!<333 Take care!

Merry Christmas In July!

I'm even more late to the party than normal, but I just want to wish you all a very merry Christmas in July! :D

I've seen the art you guys have posted and it's simply WONDERFUL! Sayura will be compiling a list of all the artwork sometime soon (you know, after we give you guys some more time to post stuff), so be on the look out for that.

If you still haven't posted your gift, then this is just a friendly reminder that today is the day for posting. I'm very excited to see what you've drawn. :)

So, what are you guys having for Christmas in July dinner? :3

Best wishes to everyone!
~ Ryuchu